Testimony Videos

Video testimonies or personal stories of Israeli believers or Jewish believers living outside of living or any personal story related to Israel.


VIDEO: Acting in New York was killing me, when everything just changed!

"I was sitting on the bus one day and I was thinking about where my life was headed. And it was very clear. I had one of those moments of clarity, where I just saw my future very clearly: that I was headed toward a beautiful career and a horrible, tragic life..."

VIDEO: When Jews meet Yeshua: The story of Ari Hauben

What would cause a young Jewish boy to turn to the Jewish Messiah? Tune in for a special episode of "When Jews Meet Yeshua".

VIDEO: From Advertising To Religion – I Didn’t Want To Run Anymore

"I thought, why don't I turn and just out of curiosity just have a look at the New Testament? You know, when you grow up a Jew, you're kind of immediately biased against anything that has to do with Jesus. The programming gets pumped into your head from the time you're a kid..."

VIDEO: The deeper I dove into orthodox judaism, the more I realized Yeshua is...

When my Jewish parents caught me at church, I dove into Orthodox Judaism. But the more I learned, the more I realized Jesus is the Messiah–the one which the prophets were all talking about.

VIDEO: I needed my Messiah

It suddenly clicked for this Iranian Jew: Of course Yeshua had to come!

VIDEO: Overcoming Cancer

Eddie, Pastor at Ahavat Yeshua, shares about his experiences from the last year of being diagnosed with cancer twice and then his victorious battle...

VIDEO: I Found a Jesus Who Taught LOVE for all People, not HATE

"I discovered a Jewish man addressing Jewish topics in a Jewish way, who taught love for your enemies. Love for all people. Not the kind of hatred that I saw. And this Jesus who was the 'God of gentiles', who hated the Jews, began to evaporate because He didn't exist" Watch how reading the Bible changed this Jewish man's heart towards God.

VIDEO: Life under a guru didn’t bring me peace. Yeshua did.

"...that got me into a kind of obsessed quest for the answers... It was consuming me, to find those answers, to get down to...

VIDEO: Israeli Dan Sered rejects his parents’ atheism

"At home it was important for us to celebrate all the Jewish holidays - Passover, Sukkot, Hannukah, but my mom and dad always told...

VIDEO: I left anti-Semitism in Montreal for a better life. What I found was...

He was born in Montreal into a Jewish family. His father was with the Canadian and British forces when they liberated the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. He identified very strongly with being Jewish, but not religious...

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