Testimony Videos

Video testimonies or personal stories of Israeli believers or Jewish believers living outside of living or any personal story related to Israel.


VIDEO: Jewish son of Holocaust survivor finds Jesus

Ze’ev, grow up in Jerusalem, to a father who lost his faith in the Holocaust, find faith in Yeshua (Jesus).

VIDEO: A Jewish Israeli radio broadcaster finds Jesus

"Before that moment I wasn't sure if God existed or not, but from that second onwards..."

VIDEO: Jewish Israeli pop idol star, Birgitta Veksler, finds Jesus

After success on a TV talent show (“Pop Idol”), Birgitta Veksler felt on top of the world… but a near death experience brought her...

VIDEO: Sam Nadler found answers about God and the Holocaust in the most surprising...

"Where was God during the holocaust?" is the question that kept Sam away from faith. Starting in a synagogue, trough Vietnam and all the...

VIDEO: Acting in New York was killing me, when everything just changed!

"I was sitting on the bus one day and I was thinking about where my life was headed. And it was very clear. I had one of those moments of clarity, where I just saw my future very clearly: that I was headed toward a beautiful career and a horrible, tragic life..."

VIDEO: When Jews meet Yeshua: The story of Ari Hauben

What would cause a young Jewish boy to turn to the Jewish Messiah? Tune in for a special episode of "When Jews Meet Yeshua".

VIDEO: From Advertising To Religion – I Didn’t Want To Run Anymore

"I thought, why don't I turn and just out of curiosity just have a look at the New Testament? You know, when you grow up a Jew, you're kind of immediately biased against anything that has to do with Jesus. The programming gets pumped into your head from the time you're a kid..."

VIDEO: The deeper I dove into orthodox judaism, the more I realized Yeshua is...

When my Jewish parents caught me at church, I dove into Orthodox Judaism. But the more I learned, the more I realized Jesus is the Messiah–the one which the prophets were all talking about.

VIDEO: I needed my Messiah

It suddenly clicked for this Iranian Jew: Of course Yeshua had to come!

VIDEO: Overcoming Cancer

Eddie, Pastor at Ahavat Yeshua, shares about his experiences from the last year of being diagnosed with cancer twice and then his victorious battle...

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