Testimony Videos

Video testimonies or personal stories of Israeli believers or Jewish believers living outside of living or any personal story related to Israel.


VIDEO: An Israeli in Search of Adventure Found Yeshua

Omri shares, "I think I was only 3 years old when I understood for the first time in my life that one day I...

VIDEO: School was Torture Until I Met a Guy Who Changed Everything

Watch the testimony of an Israeli girl - "Suddenly I saw the fish. The fish from my dream! The fish that I hadn't been able to identify! And I got really hyper. Then I asked, who's book is this?"

VIDEO: Yeshua Gave Me the Sense of Self-Worth I Never Had

This man experienced difficult times while growing up and built his self-worth on other people. When he started talking to a counsellor he started realizing what Yeshua did for him..

VIDEO: This Iranian Jew begged Jesus to heal his son

"What I do remember is praying to God and asking Him, 'God, You have to give him back to us, whole.'"

VIDEO: I Met Messiah – From Despair to Hope

After being a teenager during World War II and spending time in an orphanage, she found herself in despair. A paper from one of her students taught her how to heal!

VIDEO: Traumatised Jewish IDF soldier finds cure in Yeshua (Jesus)

Watch Avigail's share about her experience in the army during Operation Protective Edge and how she found peace in Yeshua.

VIDEO: Roy Schwarcz – I Met Messiah

Roy grew up in a successful Jewish family, and had everything he wanted materially, but still felt unsatisfied. He was distressed by the injustice he saw in the world and decided that he wanted to change the world – to help people.

VIDEO: From the Rabbinic religion to faith in the Jewish Messiah

Moti Vaknin shares his testimony of faith in Yeshua: "I was sure that everyone I told would be happy and respond with love to what I had to say, but I got death threats, rejection and hatred..."

VIDEO: Dr. Michael Brown’s Testimony

Dr. Michael Brown, a Messianic Jewish author, apologist, and radio show host, shares his testimony of faith in Yeshua the Messiah.

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