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Video blogs from the community that are not teachings or testimonies.


VIDEO: The wildest part of Israel – Golan Heights

Hananya travels to one of his favorite places in Israel - the Golan Heights.

VIDEO: Why I’m a zionist and so should you

Hananya Naftali writes- help me to educate the world about Israel.

VIDEO: History and Vision for Shavuot (Pentecost) 2016

After Passover the next major biblical holiday is Shavuot (Pentecost). The outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 was the first installment of God's promise to pour out His Spirit on all flesh (Acts 2:17). Asher Intrater discusses Revive Israel's all night worship and prayer meeting on Shavuot and how you can join in online.

VIDEO: The Passover Quiz

Why is this night different from all other nights? It's the question asked at Passover Seder Meals around the world. So, do you know the answer?

VIDEO: The Bible News Project: Episode 1 – The Plagues

A new internet series from Jacob Damkani based on the stories of the Bible told as a modern news report. This episode talks about the Plagues of Egypt and corresponds with the Jewish holiday of Pesach - Passover - celebrated by Jews all over the world.

VIDEO: Yad Hashmona Building Update

The building project of 36 new homes for Messianic families at Yad Hashmona, where the Revive Israel ministry center is located, is finally moving forward. Take a video construction tour of this unique Messianic community.

VIDEO: In The Gap – Season 02 Episode 14

A half-hour news show with a Biblical perspective from Israel hosted by Jacob and Elisheva Damkani.

VIDEO: In the Gap – Season 2, Episode 12

Jacob and Elisheva Damkani host a half hour show proclaiming the truth about Israel.

VIDEO: In The Gap – Season 2 Episode 10

News and biblical insights from Israel hosted by Jacob Damkani.

VIDEO: In the Gap – Season 2 Episode 9: Has God forsaken the...

"Behold, days are coming,” declares the Lord, “when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah, This passage from Jeremiah 31, the promise of the LORD from the new covenant, is the heart of today's show.

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