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Israeli lawyer Calev Myers: Only the truth will set people free

Calev Myers has been invited by the "Comité Gemeentehulp Israël" to come to the Netherlands for a number of speaking engagements. Read an interview with him leading up to his trip.

Kerry leaves door open on UN Security Council action on Palestinian statehood

With choice words for Israeli politicians, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Israel is “heading to a place of danger” with its policies toward Palestinians in a speech at the Saban Forum in Washington, D.C. this Sunday.

Israeli Ambassador Returns to Turkey

Five years after Turkey expelled Israel’s ambassador in 2011, a new Israeli ambassador has arrived in Ankara.

Blessed are the Muslim peacemakers – repairing a synagogue in Haifa

Arab Muslim wood suppliers consoled a tearful rabbi in Northern Haifa by offering free help ad supplies in repairing a conservative synagogue.

KNI EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Archaeologist Assaf Avraham

The Temple Mount expert talks about his discovery of the Nuba Inscription - how it came about, why it caused a sensation, and what it reveals about early Islamic admiration for Judaism.

Israel, Cyprus and Greece to hold second trilateral meeting on Thursday

Israel, Cyprus and Greece will hold its second trilateral summit on Thursday, the second of such meetings in the past year.

UN Day of Solidarity with Palestinians: Palestinian Lives Matter

After one minute of silence to honor Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro, the United Nations Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People kicked off with representatives proposing six resolutions on Israeli-Palestinian-related issues, all of which were adopted.

Israeli general conducts live Facebook chat with Palestinians

Yoav Mordechai, a major general in the Israeli military, went on Facebook for his first live video chat with Palestinian residents in Gaza and the West Bank last month.

Why would Israel strike near the heart of Damascus?

In two separate sorties, Israeli fighter jets targeted a Syrian military convoy on the Damascus-Beirut highway and a weapons warehouse outside Damascus overnight Wednesday, the London-based Rai al-Youm reported.

Fulfillment of a dream: Ethiopian Israelis celebrate Sigd in Jerusalem

Rueven Bogala recalled sitting on his grandfather’s shoulders year after year as his family made its annual pilgrimage to a high mountain in Ethiopia to celebrate the holiday Sigd. Decades later, he observed the same holiday in Jerusalem with emotion.

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Coveting and Longing: Keeping our Desires within God’s Boundaries

"We often think of coveting as just wanting what someone else has, but that’s not quite it. The Westminster Catechism shows that it also involves a lack of contentment about our own situation, and unpleasant attitudes to the lot of others who we are tempted to be envious of."

LISTEN: Matthew 3: Repent, for Jubilee is at hand

Rev. David Pileggi, on the second Sunday of Advent, speaks on John the Baptist's announcement of the coming judgment and its relationship with the coming restoration.

Jerusalem: The most controversial city in the world

Ron writes, "Jerusalem’s Old City is the most controversial piece of real estate in the world. More specifically, the Temple Mount... But what does God think?"

Inclusion: Awareness of challenges must precede change

"I randomly came across the fact that yesterday Dec. 3, was International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Who knew there was such a day? I did not."

Emunah and Bitachon – The two elements of faith

Yosef writes, "The Scriptures clearly teach that without faith it is impossible to please Adonoi. (Hebrews 11:1) However, the English word translated “faith” does not completely convey it’s significance..."

Israeli Messianic Community News

Beit HaYeshua – House of Salvation

Oleg Vilinsky is the director of Beit HaYeshua, a Messianic rehabilitation center, in Jerusalem. Here is his story.

CBN Israel holds seminar for ex-soldiers

"Many of today’s young adults are lacking one very important aspect in their upbringing: A mentor... On Wednesday, November 16, 2016, CBN Israel was given that opportunity. Our staff was invited by Lech Lecha, an organization for ex-soldiers, to offer financial and spiritual counsel."

To Italy and back

Eddie writes, "We spent the past week in Northern Italy in the small town of Dolo, 25 km from Venice. We are deeply connected to a Messianic Church there and we spent a week devoting ourselves to this wonderful work and its people. We returned home tremendously encouraged."

VIDEO: Interview with David Suchet on recent visit to Israel

Paul Calvert of Focus On Israel-Radio speaks with David Suchet, a well-known English actor and believer. David is visiting Israel and talking to Christians, Muslims and Jews to get their point of view and find out where they stand on the challenging issues.

The Whole Word for the Whole World – The 4.2.20 Foundation

The 4.2.20 Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the whole Word of God, not only the New Testament, to those parts of the world that do not have it.