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A day to atone

Reuven writes, "The nation of Israel is about to enter the most solemn day on its annual calendar, the Day of Atonement, and we wanted to share that special sense with our friends from the nations."

With return of Syrian regime, IDF ends humanitarian mission to Syria

After several years of being a “good neighbor” the Israeli army has announced that it is ending its humanitarian mission of supplying food and other goods to Syria during its civil war.

Haredi Jews bully Jewish believers until law steps in

Since 2011, Israel Pochtar, congregational leader in Ashdod, has become accustomed to the hundreds of ultra-orthodox Jews who would systematically harass, bully, shame and threaten the 300 believers who would attend Shabbat services in their hometown.

Israel advocate, father killed in terror attack

A 17-year-old Palestinian from a town near Hebron stabbed Fuld in the back then fled. Fuld chased his assailant and opened fire before succumbing to his wounds. The attacker was taken to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

Why American Jews are tuning out on their faith

Cookie writes, "A recent Jerusalem Post article entitled, “The Faith Crisis of American Jewry” (9/12/18) caught my eye, citing the devastating rate of intermarriage, lack of synagogue attendance and even a considerable amount of those who have no belief in God."

3 reasons that mornings are awesome

Ron writes, "I love the morning. There is something new, fresh and amazing about a new day. It is a gift from God. I want to share with you three awesome things about morning."

Israel welcomes US move to close PLO’s DC office

Prime Minister Netanyahu ended the two-day Rosh Hashanah holiday Tuesday night by praising the “correct decision” made by the United States earlier in the week to shut down the offices of the PLO in Washington.

Can you hear the trumpets?

Reuven writes, "May God’s fifth feast of Trumpets strengthen and cleanse our hearts as we seek His face in preparation for the sixth and seventh feasts, Atonement and Tabernacles. They are right around the corner."

Feast of Trumpets heralds Good News in Israel

Just as people commonly take stock and think about the course of their lives at the beginning of January, so Israelis take time to reflect each time the Feast of Trumpets comes around.

An Orthodox Israeli woman follows Yeshua

Noa proclaimed that she was dedicating her life to the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua. She thanked God for her new salvation and went into the water. It was a powerful and holy moment, and there was a strong presence of the Holy Spirit at the time of her immersion.

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4 common misconceptions about Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement

At no point does the writer mention the words “Day of Atonement”, but the point is clear – he is drawing the parallel between Yeshua and the priest going into the holy of holies on Yom Kippur.

Unforgiveness: The most arrogant sin

Ron writes, "This issue is so important to God, that He includes in the six-part prayer that we are to pray every day (Matt. 6:9-13). Every morning we should be confessing forgiveness over those who have sinned against us and even over those who will in the future."

The seventh shofar and the rapture (Part 1)

Daniel writes, "Those who believe that the rapture of the saints and the resurrection of the righteous in Yeshua comes at the end of the tribulation (Post Tribulation), present two views of where to place the rapture."

The special meaning of Yom Kippur for Messianic Believers

Sandra writes, "For Messianic believers today, Yom Kippur can be a day of profound blessing in at least 5 ways."

Commentary on Parashat Vayelech (He Went)

D’VARIM (DEUTERONOMY) 31:1–30 This week, we read the deeply moving account of Moses commissioning Joshua and the Children of Israel, and preparing them for the...

Israeli Messianic Community News

A light in the darkness

Katherine Snyder talks about the work of Anchor Of Hope and the role God plays in counselling.

This Sukkot, Vision for Israel to highlight local believers

The VFI celebration of Sukkot will take place at The Pavilion, an auditorium in the Clal Building in downtown Jerusalem, from Sept. 25 to 27. An emphasis this year will be placed on the Body of Messiah in Israel.

Adoption – Foundation of a blessed life

Reuven writes, "Adoption was Israel’s first experience as a new nation. The people now belonged to someone: a great and awesome someone – the creator Himself. The Apostle Paul recognized this foundational position when he wept for the people of Israel thousands of years later crying out..."

Latest methods used by anti-missionaries in Israel

Carmiyah ministries based in the Ashkelon region have recently been the target of a well known anti-missionary organisation in Israel.

Israel College of the Bible sends Jewish-Arab mission teams

"As the the Body of Messiah in the modern state of Israel gains momentum, it’s time to lift our eyes beyond our borders! Jewish and Arab mission teams are now being sent out to minister together across the world, and the impact has been profound."