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PART II : A Jew, a Christian and the Emperor – How a picture...

Shira writes, "By the strangest coincidence, a chance meeting of the Jewish leader with Europe's royal leader was turned into a massive media success that touched the political world and established a future State of Israel. The god of this world's centuries-long preparation to destroy the Jewish people failed again. God uses whom He will."

Gaza protests long over since last week’s uprising

Protests that had been ongoing for six weeks in Gaza and culminated last week to coincide with the opening of the American embassy Jerusalem have all but fizzled out completely.

A deeper look at Psalm 122: Praying for the peace of Jerusalem

"It doesn’t matter where we are in Israel, we always say we’re going “up” to Jerusalem. Like so many things in God’s word, there is a literal meaning (in terms of altitude – it’s on Mount Zion) and also a spiritual meaning..."

Israel gives thumbs up to combat success of US-built F-35 stealth fighter jets

Israel is the first country worldwide to carry out airstrikes with the F-35 stealth fighter jet, Israel Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin told participants at a three-day conference in Herzliya marking the IAF's 70th Anniversary.

Bikat Kinarot Center – Working Together for Israel Project

Once home to 350 high school students, the Bikat Kinarot boarding school closed in 2008. Return Ministries is working to transform the site into an “educational facility for Jews and Christians living and working together.”

Paraguay becomes third country to open embassy in Jerusalem

The day after the biblical feast of Shavuot (the Feast of Weeks) and Pentecost Sunday, the nation of Paraguay dedicated its embassy in Jerusalem on Monday.

Turkey punishes Israel for Hamas border attacks, Netanyahu ties Erdogan to terrorism

Fallout continues in the Middle East after violence along Israel's border with the Gaza Strip. On Tuesday, Turkey expelled Israel's ambassador in retaliation for Israel's defense of its southern border.

March of Nations honors Israel, Holocaust survivors in Jerusalem

An initiative founded by descendants of the Nazi Wehrmacht, SS and German police force to remember the Holocaust, the March of Life organization this week held its first event in Jerusalem, a three-day conference in Jerusalem to commemorate the Holocaust, co-organized with Helping Hand Coalition.

Guatemala becomes second nation to open Jerusalem embassy

Israel welcomed the second international embassy to Jerusalem this week as Guatemala's President Jimmy Morales inaugurated his country's official diplomatic mission on Wednesday.

Violent Palestinian protests continue, world reacts, blames Israel

Though many are blaming the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem for igniting the mass protest of 40,000 Palestinians at the border of Gaza, riots had been taking place for six weeks now and rose to a crescendo only on Monday, coinciding with the embassy opening.

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How not to witness to a Jew

Elhanan writes, "It was a laugh that sparkled like pure water gushing from a fresh spring and bubbling over the rocks of a brook. And it had something to do with Jesus."

Commentary on Parashat Nasso (Lift Up)

Moran writes, "I’d like to dig deeper into the richness of these words in the original Hebrew, especially because I feel the English translation has lost some of the essence of meaning."

Gaza riots exposed

Asher writes, "So how should Believers respond? We must constantly expose the lies of militant Islam, in its satanic hatred of Israel, the West and Christians. We don’t want to demonize anyone—but want to pray for all those under the deception of Islam to be set free..."

Generational transference: We and our fathers

Howard writes, "The righteousness and justice of God: His ways are not ours; His thoughts not ours. Repentance begins with agreeing with Him and learning from Him."

Alignment with Jerusalem: The 70 year shift has begun (Part 1)

Sandra writes, "These signpost events were historic. As they took place, the local spiritual atmosphere seemed to suddenly, simultaneously shift."

Israeli Messianic Community News

Handel’s Messiah in the historic Garden Tomb in Jerusalem

David writes, "It was a night to remember. Approximately three hundred people came out in unseasonably cold weather to hear a Handel’s Messiah in the historic Garden Tomb."

March of the Nations – 15 May 2018

Howard writes, "Randi and I were treated as special guests at the March of the Nations events in Jerusalem. This year’s event was the first time that it had been held in Israel, and it was done so in honor of Israel’s 70th year celebrations."

New research discovers that Evangelicals support the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem

News of the survey, released on May 10th by researchers from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, studied Christian Evangelical attitudes towards Israel and discovered some interesting trends in opinions on issues like the US embassy move.

God is working powerfully among Israel’s Muslim neighbors

One of our Arab staff members, Carlos Damianos, began making videos in Arabic to declare the gospel to Israeli Arabs, both those from a nominally Christian background, and also Muslims, and those videos have reached further than we could have imagined.
March of the Nations banner

‘March of Life’ participants to stand with Israel, against anti-Semitism

Some 6,000 participants from around the world are expected to visit Jerusalem to attend the march. The march itself is the culmination of a conference taking place May 13 to 15 featuring international speakers, special guests from Israel.