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Netanyahu makes history again as first Israeli prime minister to visit Australia

Prime Minister Netanyahu landed in Australia Tuesday, making history twice in two days as the first Israeli prime minister to visit both Singapore and now Australia.

Winds of change in the Saudi media towards Israel and Jews?

Several reports which have come out of Arab nations lately have expressed some out-of-the-box thinking on long held opinions regarding Israel, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and Jews in general.

Netanyahu makes history in first visit to Singapore by an Israeli prime minister

Prime Minister Netanyahu traveled to Singapore Monday ahead of traveling to Australia on Tuesday, both tours historically significant as they are the first visits by an Israeli Prime Minister to both states.

Austrian minister gets security advice from Israel

Austria’s Minister of Interior Wolfgang Sobotka arrived in Israel on an official visit last week and requested Israeli advice on border control and security issues.

Fmr. Israeli envoy: There’s only one reason every peace deal has failed

According to media reports, Secretary of State John Kerry tried to broker a regional Mideast peace plan one year ago. The reports follow last week's meeting at the White House in which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump raised the same possibility.

Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes reopens after arson attack

Worshippers and dignitaries recently attended mass at Tabgha Monastery at the north end of the Sea of Galilee to celebrate the re-opening of the beautiful, historic church damaged in an arson attack two years ago by Jewish extremists.

Netanyahu: Israel and Arab states combatting common threat of radical Islam and nuclear Iran

In an interview with Fox News before returning to Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke about his successful meeting with President Trump, as well as the growing support and future alliances of Arab states with the State of Israel, speaking at length of the threat of nuclear Iran to the globe.

From darkness to light: Israeli Messianic artist Shoshana Silver

Born in New York and raised in Miami with conservative Jewish parents and a religious grandfather, artist Shoshana Silver found her own path to...

Trump: US will not dictate Israeli-Palestinian solution

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with American President Donald Trump, just a month into his presidency, and seemingly struck a new, friendly tone in relations between the two countries after an icy eight years.

Netanyahu and Trump give press conference in Washington ahead of meeting

Addressing the press, both leaders answered questions on topics including Iran, Israeli settlements, the peace process, a two-state solution, moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, growing global anti-Semitism and much more.

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Commentary on Parashat Mishpatim (Ordinance or Statute)

Moran writes, "Sadly, many view the statutes of the Lord negatively, as it conjures up the idea of a burdensome law. Instead, I believe we can view His statutes positively, understanding that He gave them to us to not only know what is right, just, and good, but also to have abundant life!"

The moral argument for God

"Some ask: how is it possible to believe in the existence of an all powerful God when the world is immersed in so much evil and wickedness? The problem is, that if there is NO God, there is also no such thing as 'evil' or 'wickedness'."

The Good Samaritans in Samaria

Angela writes, "Hands down, one of my favorite Bible stories is of the Good Samaritan... Last month, I read an amazing story about some modern-day Good Samaritans."

Zion alignment

Asher writes, "In the first century, the ministry of Yeshua and His disciples were very much connected to time and geography. But as the Gospel went out to the nations, over the past 1900 years, there has been little emphasis among Christians on time and geography."

NFL players visit Israel and draw closer to the Lord

Aaron writes, "In the natural, the trip appears to have been a failure, if not a fiasco. But the five NFL players and their friends and family who accompanied them on this visit clearly got closer to the Lord, and maybe that’s all God wanted to accomplish."

Israeli Messianic Community News

Shai Sol’s testimony in music

Shai Sol writes, "Music, to me, is both a way to deal with things, and a reflection of a road that faith is at its center, leading to our father in heaven. Being a musician in Israel is extremely challenging, but I’m filled with faith and confidence that this is the road I need to be on."

Be’ad Chaim helps Israeli mothers choose life

In 1977, the state of Israel legalized abortion through — what has been referred to as — one of the most liberal abortion policies in the world. In 1988, a group of believers in Israel began looking into statics on abortion in the land, and what they found was alarming.

It was hard for her to walk away, would you?

"An elderly woman, who was recently widowed, came to us excited about the possibility of purchasing a new home. Ruth had received a large sum of money and was eager to buy a place in order to turn it into a ministry house for women."

New book published by Pastor Meno Kalisher

Pastor Meno Kalisher, who leads the Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption congregation in Israel’s capital city, recently published a book entitled “Do! Applying the Epistle of James.”

Israel, a country in need – Update from Dugit Distribution Center

"Looking through the scriptures, we find that Yeshua was interested in meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of His people. Often, it was the meeting of a physical need that opened the eyes of Israel to their Messiah."