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New Israeli law threatens inclusive education parents fear

The Israeli Knesset passed a bill into law last week that many critics fear will severely reduce the rights and support of children with special needs — and possibly be in contravention of international law.

UPDATE: Israeli evangelist Damkani undergoes dangerous heart surgery

Read the latest update on Jacob Damkani and pray for his continued recovery.
2018 Joshua Fund Prayer Summit

Epicenter Prayer Summit encourages Christians to bless Israel, neighbors

The 2018 Epicenter Prayer Summit, held by The Joshua Fund, included one evening and full day of “teaching, prayer, praise and worship” at the Jerusalem Theater on July 11 and 12.

Israelis seek shelter during Shabbat rocket barrage in the South

Israelis in southern communities spent their Shabbat under siege as Hamas militants fired more than 170 mortar shells and rockets at Israel from early morning throughout the day.

First meeting of Messianic Israeli Momtrepreneurs

A conference held in Poria Illit last month aimed to establish a support system for believing mothers in Israel who balance hands-on parenting with professional fulfillment.

Seven ways Israel has impacted your world

Shani writes, "Ever since then, the children of Abraham’s grandson (later renamed “Israel” by God) became the nation through whom God chose to channel blessings to the world."

Israeli military joins with Christian ministry to help Muslims victims of new Syrian crisis

Former IDF Lt. Col. Marco Moreno developed this "Good Neighbor Policy" several years ago. He now works with Frontier Alliance International, a Christian relief organization, coordinating operations with the IDF.

Israel responds to persistent ‘kite warfare’ and fires in south

A steady stream of incendiary kites and balloons flown over the border with Gaza over the past couple of months has silently destroyed thousands of acres of farmland causing millions of shekels worth of damage over the last few months.

Experts: Major earthquake expected soon in Israel

In the last few weeks, several earthquakes and 30 tremors have rattled northern Israel — with four on Sunday alone — prompting concerns that a major earthquake could occur here in the near future.

Humility and spiritual warfare

Asher writes, "The first principle of spiritual warfare is humility. Whenever we notice we are in a situation of spiritual warfare, the first thing we need to do is to humble ourselves."

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World redemption

Daniel writes, "Let us keep in mind that the extension of the Kingdom in Yeshua to Israel and the nations will eventually reach this goal of world redemption."

Commentary on Parashat Mattot (Tribes) and Masei (Journeys)

Moran writes, "What is God calling you to? Will you trust Him that He has a better plan for your life, even if you cannot see it clearly at the moment?"

The test and temptation of accomplishments

Guy writes, "1 Corinthians 10:13 declares that hardships and trials come into our lives, not to break us, but to build and strengthen us that we might persevere and ultimately overcome."

Commentary on Parashat Pinchas

Moran writes, "I am amazed again and again by the faithfulness of our LORD and the consistency of His Word! Let this encourage you in your walk with Him today."

Rough stones

Avi writes, "I took this photo as my wife and I are celebrating 12 years of marriage. The stones represent what we looked like as we entered our marriage – uncut and rough at the edges."

Israeli Messianic Community News

Studying stones and branches

Niko writes, "The stones all around reminded us of what once was: whether the great palace fortress of Herodion, the intriguing Magdala Stone at the Magdala Village Synagogue excavations, or the Temple Mount’s fallen stones."

Music on the Wind Tour – Israel and Bethlehem 2018

A year ago to the month, Deborah Paul, Director of i61Collective was in the family home of Christy Anastas in Bethlehem, establishing the vision of Music On The Wind.

Crossing over – A Hebrew

Orna writes, "This happened at the end of a Jewish-Arab conference I attended. After listening to stories and testimonies for two full days, I realized how most of us deepen the wound."

Jerusalem Encounter 2018 – Building the living stones of Messiah’s kingdom in Israel

The heart and vision of the three-day powerhouse conference, sponsored by the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries, was to inspire, network and build the living stones of Messiah’s kingdom in Israel.

CBN: The Voice of Christian News

Paul Calvert speaks to CEO Gordon Robertson, about the role of CBN, and his opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict.