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Believers in Israel organize Passover outreaches around the country

Many Messianic and Christian organizations in Israel also use this time to reach out to people in need. Kehila News Israel interviewed three of them about what they do to make a difference in their communities.

The 6th Israel Business Forum – Experiencing Transformation!

The 6th Israel Business Forum produced by Israel Firstfruits Center, in partnership with E.L.Y Israel, took place on March 10-16.

A heritage of devotion – Passover in Jerusalem

The Hebrew-speaking congregation in Jerusalem called Melech HaMlachim (Hebrew for King of Kings) is a great testimony to the faithfulness of God who never turned away from His beloved city nor His people.

Reflections of redemption in Nisan, Part 3

As noted in Part 1, immediately following the first command to Israel as a nation (Exod.12:2) – which is more like a...

Are there differences between how American Evangelicals and Israeli believers view Netanyahu and his...

In the wake of our national elections, I did a series of interviews yesterday with American media outlets discussing the results, including with John Jessup and Jenna Browder, hosts of the “Faith Nation” program on the CBN News Network.

Reflections of redemption in Nisan, Part 2

Hannah writes, "God’s word never gives pointless information, so we would do well to ponder the events that were recorded as happening 'on the first day of the first month'."

[Israel 101] Netanyahu wins again in the complicated world of Israeli elections

Benjamin Netanyahu has managed to win re-election as Israel’s prime minister, making this his fifth term. Spanning the course of 10 years, he is now the longest-running prime minister in the country’s history.

Israel’s missing milestone or, whatever happened to the real “Rosh Hashana”?

Hannah writes, "The Biblical New Year, Rosh Ha-Hodashim, fell this year on April 6. And as it rolled past again, the Jewish community made no attempt to honor or keep it. Learn why the followers of Yeshua can and should restore this neglected commandment."

Little Hearts in a big city – Jerusalem preschool nurtures reconciliation

The ‘Little Hearts’ school program created a loving and nurturing environment that models unity amongst the Arab, Jewish and International populations of Jerusalem.

Sderot – City of Life – In every sense of the word

It’s not by accident that the only Messianic Jewish congregation in the embattled, border town of Sderot near the Gaza Strip is called City of Life (Ir HaChayim) since it has persevered and survived thousands of rocket attacks over the last 18 years.

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The quest for Jewish authenticity

Daniel writes, "Sometimes, the quest for authenticity focuses on the imagined Jewish visitor... What is our motivation? Are we seeking to honor Yeshua or gain acceptance within the Jewish community?"

The poem of God

Asher writes, "There is a beautiful word in Greek that is used only TWO times in the entire New Covenant scriptures. It is the word poema, from which we derive the word “poem”."

Yeshua and the law

Parashat Metzora (Leprosy) Vayikra (Leviticus) 14:1–15:33 Our weekly portion starts with a precise description...

I call you friends

Elhanan writes, "These words spoken by the Messiah to his disciples were uttered at the celebration of Passover in Jerusalem. The central memorial of that festival is the remembering of Israel’s exodus from Egypt, where a nation of slaves became a nation of free men and women."

No longer alone

Eitan writes, "Once united with Him, I can enjoy the richness of shared life with the people around me, and I am no longer alone."

Israeli Messianic Community News

Messianic children’s music becomes a means of sharing the gospel

A children’s album produced by Maoz Israel Ministries has opened the door to be more than a tool to teach children Bible stories, but has become a means of sharing the Gospel with non-believers who are involved in the project.

Outreach to Israelis through media in Hebrew

"Is there a way to reach hundreds of thousands of Israelis for the Lord today? Does the Lord want all Israel to be saved?"

How renewed rocket fire affects the local body of believers

Kehila News Israel contacted a number of congregational leaders, both in Netanya as well as near the Gaza Strip to get their reactions on these new disturbing developments.

Training the next generation to take the land

David writes, "One thing we know: Yeshua will still be with them and will still want them to be His disciples and friends. With Him, they can take the Land."

Strengthening the family through sound finances

With a vision to strengthen families in the Body of Messiah, E.L.Y. Israel offers believers sounds financial advice to improving their economic situation, gain financial independence and live a more abundant life.