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Israel to Cheer its Paralympics in Rio Next Week

After cheering on its Olympic team in Rio this past month, Israel will now turn its attention to its Paralympics athletes, traditionally more successful and now making their way to Brazil to compete.

Unique Hebrew Choir in Holland Unites Jews and Christians

In Dordrecht, a city in the Netherlands, every Tuesday evening a group of Jews and non-Jews, amongst them Christians, meet to sing together. They form the choir “Al Naharot” (Hebrew for ‘On the rivers’).

LISTEN: Interview about Messianic Elementary School in Tiberias

Paul Calvert of Focus On Israel-Radio interviews Benjamin Mills of Peniel Learning Center, a Hebrew-speaking Messianic elementary school in Tiberias.

Yad Aman – Setting the Stage for Messianic Music and Art

In Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps, something is abuzz. Only six months ago, the Yad Aman Center was established to provide a platform for young Messianic artists to display their talents and, to be precise, to have "Faith reflected in Art".

Israel’s New Coexistence Plan: How the Media Responded

Hannah writes, "While other countries can talk of rewarding peaceful behavior and punishing violent behavior as common-sense discipline, Israel's announcement sparked instant controversy, beginning in local media."

Turkey and Israel to Appoint Ambassadors in Coming Days

Following approved reconciliation deal by Turkish Parliament, Israel and Turkey to resume diplomatic relations and appoint ambassadors in coming days.

Evangelical Lutheran Church Sides with BDS Narrative, Calls to Cease U.S. Aid to Israel

When the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) voted at their triennial assembly at the beginning of August, they approved a resolution calling on the American government to stop sending financial aid to Israel.

IDF Responds to Rocket Fired from Gaza Strip at Sderot

Both IDF armored corps and the Israel Air Force responded to a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel on Sunday afternoon.

LISTEN: Interview about The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem

Paul Calvert of Focus On Israel-Radio interviews Stephen Bridge, the new Director of The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.

Israel, Turkey to Normalize Ties

A rapprochement agreement with Israel has been submitted to the Turkish parliament for approval, the last hurdle to full normalization between the two countries that could end a six-year diplomatic crisis since the killings of nine Turkish civilians on a flotilla destined for Gaza in May 2010.

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Knock, knock…

Orna writes, "A major part of our ministry is dedicated exactly to equipping people with powerful tools, that can transform their lives. We constantly witness immediate changes. It has to do with listening to God′s Hand knocking on various doors in our hearts, mostly through our pain, struggles and suffering."

Does the New Testament Suggest that God is Done with Israel?

The rabbis claim that the New Testament is anti-Semitic; that it teaches that God rejected the people of Israel and tossed them to the trash. So is the New Testament really anti-Semitic?

Take Off the Mask of Pride (Part 2)

Moran writes, "My dear brothers and sisters, I am opening myself to each of you reading this in order to encourage you to humbly come before our Lord, and ask Him to reveal any areas of pride in your heart. One of the most dangerous places one can be is to think he has it all together."

LISTEN: Faithfulness and Covenental Relationships

In this foundational Revive Israel teaching Asher shares on the character quality of faithfulness and the concept we call covenant relationships

Let’s Answer Some Jewish Questions

Joseph writes, "As a Jew who believes in Yeshua the Messiah I can easily ask the questions that many Jews have asked about Christianity for many centuries. The questions that are asked by Jews who do not believe that Yeshua is the Messiah are valid, and we as His disciples ought to come up with some valid answers."

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LIVE STREAM: Israeli Youth Conference “Elav”

ELAV 2016 will be live-streamed from here in Jerusalem from 6-10:30 PM tonight (Thursday, 25 August) and tomorrow 10 Am - 3 PM (Friday, 26 August), Israel time.

Today, Tomorrow and Every Day After

Scott writes, "Since we had moved to Israel, my perception of what was valuable had been constantly challenged. I now understood that it was skewed."

An Amazing Day – Prayer Update Pastor Santoro

Eddie writes, "I am doing better and the end is in sight with 11 treatments to go! I had a three day break from treatment and Monday was my first day back. I wanted to share with you all that occurred in the waiting room. We have had lots of very good and wonderful experiences over the past year but that day felt special."

Blessed and Connected by Israel

Hanna writes, "“I envy you, you are doubly blessed! You are Jewish and have Jesus. I only have Jesus,” came a comment from the audience after a speech given by a former Caspari Center colleague touring Finland some time ago. While theologically misguided, this comment demonstrated an appreciation and respect many Finnish Christians have for the Jewish people."
eddie and jackie santoro

Half Way Through: Update from Pastor Santoro

Eddie shares, "As the current battle we are engaged in has intensified, both the depth of our need for Him, our closeness to Him and our love of Yeshua has only increased. We know and are experiencing his presence, his provision and his deep compassion and love for us more than ever before."