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Israel’s national Memorial Day commemorations to begin Sunday evening

Israel will commemorate Yom Hazikaron, Israel’s national memorial day for fallen soldiers and victims of terror on Sunday evening into Monday. Immediately following Yom Hazikaron, Israel will celebrate 69 years of existence on Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day.

Israel responds to world’s latest threat: cyber terrorism

Cyber terrorism and crime is set to become the world’s greatest security threat, according to Israeli State Comptroller Yosef Shapira who hosted an international seminar earlier this month with his foreign counterparts.

The wages of terrorism according to the Palestinian Authority

The British newspaper Daily Mail published an article describing how Jamil Tamimi — a terrorist who murdered a British student in Jerusalem — will receive thousands of shekels from the Palestinian Authority as a salary.

Son of a German soldier now serves Holocaust survivors in Israel

Juergen Buehler, the son of a German soldier, together with his colleague Shimon Savag, the son of a holocaust survivor, this week described in an interview on Israel’s Channel 2 news their work to serve Israel’s remaining Holocaust survivors.

Report: Israel attacked Hezbollah weapons shipment

Israeli warplanes appear to have attacked a weapons stockpile intended for the armed terror organization Hezbollah near the Damascus airport in Syria on Thursday morning, according to a report by the British news agency Reuters.

Israeli Messianic youth take a stand for their faith in school

A new and encouraging phenomenon is taking place among Messianic young people in Israel: Israeli students who are believers are openly sharing about their faith in Yeshua at their schools. This sort of boldness seems to have been unprecedented until now.

Trump expected to visit Israel in May

United States President Donald Trump is expected to visit Israel at the end of May, a delegation of 25 American officials to arrive on Thursday in Israel to prepare for the president’s visit.

Netanyahu cancels meeting with German FM on principle

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made good on his promise not to meet with the German foreign minister unless he cancelled his plans to meet with anti-Israel NGOs.

Armenians, Jews stand together remembering their genocides

As Israelis stood in silence on Monday for two minutes at 10 a.m. in memory of the 6 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, residents were gathering around St. James Convent — the heart of the Old City’s Armenian Quarter — to remember the victims of the 20th century’s first genocide, that of the Armenians.

Israelis discover use of bacteria to detect landmines

With genetically mutated and colorful microorganisms designed to disarm battlefields, this news story could easily be mistaken for science fiction.

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Israel has no right to exist, Palestinian factions agree

Tzippe writes, "For years, Hamas and Fatah have talked about reconciling and forming a unity government, but disputes between the two factions continue. They do, however, agree on one thing: Israel has got to go."

Home meetings: The only real hope for the Body of Messiah

Eric writes, "It is true that the only real hope we have of reaching the current generation of seekers as well as the generations that will follow is to focus on home meetings as the primary source of outreach and the community building."

Hidden children from the Holocaust

Orna writes, "This amazing story illustrates what is happening to the people of Israel in these last days. God is walking in our midst, often times through Gentiles who love us, and contrary to all we have perceived for two thousand years..."

Jerusalem and Eden one

Asher writes, "Since John was the last writer of Scriptures, his writings contain a unique view of the whole spectrum of Scriptures from beginning to end. John often spoke in terms of 'beginning to end'."

Commentary on Parashat Tazria (She Conceives) and Metzora (Leprosy)

Moran writes, "God gave us the tools we need to be holy, just as He is holy! God delivered Israel from the land of Egypt (slavery) so that they would be a people set apart unto Him, for His glory."

Israeli Messianic Community News

Singaporean pro-Israel Evangelical Christians celebrate Passover

One New Man Asia has been celebrating the Passover for many years now. The last two years though have been different as it was celebrated and co-led together with Messianic Jewish brothers and their families.

LISTEN: Interview with Ofer Amitai – insights into current world events (Part 2)

As somebody who knows his Bible well Ofer believes that God is never taken by surprise by what is going on in the world and here he explains how he responds to the news.

Cliff Keller – Sunny Side Up!

A Kehila News Israel (KNI) writer recently launched his fourth novel, the retro-romance comedy Sunny Side Up!, now available for sale in paperback and Kindle versions at

Believing organizations reach out to Holocaust survivors in Israel

The main objective of Yom HaShoah is to emphasize the importance of remembering and recalling the victims of the Holocaust and ensuring that such a horror never happens again. KNI spoke to two believing organizations who are actively involved in helping these people on a daily basis.

Zvi Kalisher: Holocaust survivor, disciple of Yeshua

Zvi Kalisher, born Henryk Weichert, was an extraordinary man of God who found comfort and joy in his Lord Jesus Christ after losing his entire family and surviving extreme horror during the Holocaust in Poland.