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How Israel is raising up a generation of ‘cyber warriors’

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett announced an innovative program for high school seniors interested in pursuing careers in software engineering, the Israeli daily Israel Hayom reported.

VIDEO: Jewish Israeli psychologist finds Jesus

Watch the story of Dr. Erez Soref (President of ONE FOR ISRAEL), a Jewish psychologist who grow up in Israel and ironically never heard anything about Jesus!

What status for Messianic Jews in Israel?

Eitan writes, "What is the place of Messianic Jews in Israeli society? When a Jewish believer in Yeshua applies to become an Israel citizen under the “Law of Return,” is he or she received as any other Jewish person returning to our biblical homeland?"

Local Messianic org, Jospeh Project provide relief, fun for kids living near Gaza

The Joseph Project partnered with a local humanitarian aid organization in Sderot to bring relief and fun to southern Israel’s residents who have been living in a constant state of tension due to sporadic rocket attacks and kite warfare.

Gaza Border Prayer Alert

Reuven writes, "Join us in prayer for God’s hand to perform His perfect will; to nullify the evil counsel of vile and violent men; to minimize suffering on both sides of the border, and to grant decisive and overwhelming victory to the IDF should it go to war."

Rocket barrage raises tensions in southern Israel

Israelis in the South were forced to relocate day camps to bomb shelters or close them altogether as nearly 200 rockets were fired at Israel in one day, injuring seven people and damaging buildings in the region yesterday.

Global sunrise prayer centered on Jerusalem – New PrayerWave

The PrayerWave is a new Jerusalem-based global prayer initiative that seeks to ensure Israel-centered prayer for every sunrise in each of the earth’s time zones.

Pray for Rain: Israel’s dry spell a five-year drought

Israel is is experiencing a five-year drought that is drying out several crucial bodies of water, causing a struggle for farmers trying to produce successful crops and having a ripple effect on the economy.

“No Room for Small Dreams”

Eitan writes, "Regardless of what you think of former Israeli President Shimon Peres’ politics, his life story is a parable of the rebirth and the flourishing of modern Israel."

Winning on the Conceptual Battlefield – The Israel Victory Project

Recently, the Israeli Knesset passed a controversial law commonly referred to as the “Nation-State Law.” This law goes beyond practical policy charting the course for the future character of the State of Israel. And it is exactly in this symbolic conceptual plane that the Israeli Victory Project (IVP), a two-year old lobbying group led by Daniel Pipes, operates.

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Sin: What is it?

Elhanan writes, "Sin is not only a single act of stealing or committing adultery, but is a direction travelled. It is a dynamic movement that may begin with a single step in the wrong direction..."

False prophets and false teachers

Ron writes, "Is someone who prophesies mistakenly a 'false prophet'? Is someone who teaches in error a 'false teacher'?"

Israel receives highest-ever credit rating

The Standard & Poors (S&P) credit rating agency upgraded its credit rating for Israel from A+ to AA- (stable outlook), ushering Israel into an exclusive group of 15 nations that hold the prestigious AA ratings (AA+, AA and AA-).

Commentary on Parashat Ekev (Because of)

Devarim (Deuteronomy) 7:12–11:25 God’s Word is consistent! As I was reflecting on this week’s reading, I was amazed once again by this, and also by...

Abraham had three wives

Asher writes, "When we read the stories of the patriarchs, we have to ask what the purpose of God was behind all the events, even those that may seem strange."

Israeli Messianic Community News

It is being produced again

Orna writes, "The other team members joined us and we started praying. Five of us were going to cross into Jordan, each one with her own ideas and agenda. But what was God’s mind?"

Worship for the King: Keren Silver’s new recording to be released in August

Coming from a musical family that worshipped together on a regular basis, Keren Silver has been singing for as long as she can remember and composed her first song around the age of 13 with the desire to see people come to God and experience His presence.
Ariel and Shayla Hyde

Shocking case of Israeli believers targeted by efforts to revoke their citizenship

Because of their religious beliefs, Ariel and Shayla Hyde, a young married couple from Haifa, are two among many in Israel and abroad who find themselves targets of what amounts to a discrimination campaign by Israel's Ministry of Interior to protect the nation from Messianic Jews.

PRAYER ALERT: Update and prayer request for Israeli evangelist Damkani

Read a recent update and request for prayer by Elisheva, Jacob Damkani's wife, as he continues to recover from a dangerous heart surgery.

You look like a Ruth

Orna writes, "Unknown to us at that point, the crossing over, the Hebrewism which I spoke of in my previous post, started that day, when Hermana picked her up."