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The Temple was built on a threshing floor

"Way back in the time of Moses, God told the people of Israel that he had already chosen a place for his dwelling place in the Promised Land, long before they’d even got there..."

SURVEY: Believers share their thoughts on home groups and congregations

In trying to determine new congregational trends and how believers feel about having their needs met in a congregation/home group, KNI recently conducted a brief survey asking mostly Jewish believers in Israel (and a few others) their opinion about the following questions...

The Sanhedrin called me an “anti-Semite”

Ron writes, "It is not every day that you get called out by the Sanhedrin, but that is exactly what happened to me last week."

Swedish yacht completes sympathy sail to Israel

After a marathon sail from Gothenburg to Herzliya Marina, the Swedish ocean-going yacht, Elida, has arrived in Israel on October 11. KNI previously reported on the remarkable initiative to support Israel as the Elida was setting out from its home port in Sweden in late August.

Crowdfunding campaign to help Joshua Aaron’s LIVE Concert Album at the Tower of David...

Joshua Aaron recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for his upcoming live concert album on October 30, 2018 at the Tower of David in Jerusalem. Joshua's first...

New album released in Portuguese and Hebrew – DESPERTA (Wake Up)

Thais Schucman is a worship leader at Shemen Sasson congregation in Jerusalem and recently released a new album entitled “DESPERTA” which means "wake up"....

Seal Of King Hezekiah And Of Isaiah Discovered

The seal of King Hezekiah was recently discovered close to Hezekiah’s tunnel in the City of David, and earlier this year, yet another significant...

How I learned to pray the prayer of faith on the Mount of Olives

Shira writes, "During my first six months in Israel I lived in a house on the Mount of Olives owned by our family friend, the Keeper of the Garden Tomb. Sadly he had been killed in the Six Day War, fought just four months before I arrived in Jerusalem."

An Open Letter to the Ministry of Interior

It seems to be time to seriously consider engaging in some much-needed damage control. As the sole arbiters of matters concerning life, death, birth,...
Part of Jerusalem Illustrated Bible Cover

Out of Zion, a unique new Bible

An important journey that will soon conclude with the publication of the new Jerusalem Illustrated Bible has combined two visions: one of The Bible Society in Israel and the other of an accomplished Israeli artist and his personal insights into meaning, language and art.

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Surrender to Grace: Understanding the 12-Step Process

Katherine writes, "I didn’t know it then but I perfectly fit into the addiction cycle pattern. I would go through a painful situation that would trigger all kinds of uncomfortable emotions such as anger, rejection, hurt feelings and so on..."


Asher writes, "Are we for globalization? We certainly believe in an age of world peace as described in Isaiah 2 and Micah 4. Yet we know that this will only take place when the Messiah returns and rules and reigns from Jerusalem in the Millennial age."

Commentary on Parashat Noah — Building the Ark of Redemption

BERESHEET (GENESIS) 6:9 – 11:32 Every time I sit to write this blog, the first thing I do — after reading the Scripture portion which...

Love one another

Elhanan writes, "Can we possibly return from sliding toward this precipice of danger and dissolution? Will wisdom rebound and prevail in the state of the union of America to remain that blessed ‘One Nation Under God’, and Israel the Chosen?"

A new confederation plan?

Daniel writes, "Israeli Press is reporting on a new attempt of a solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians–a “confederation plan” for the Palestinian areas of Judea and Samaria (West Bank)."

Israeli Messianic Community News

Falling in love with a region

Orna writes, "The curves, the colors. Jordan turned out to be so much more than I expected. As we headed up north, crossed Aman and traveled through the mountains of Gilead, I fell in love. With the people, the view, the geography."

His kingdom came in our midst

Eitan writes, "Our conference was held in the shadow of Mt. Tabor, which some believe was the Mount of Transfiguration. In the cool of each evening we gathered under the stars, led in praise and worship by the teens themselves."

New Year in the Land of Promise – Hope for Israel feeds families

Through Operation Hesed, the Hebrew word for grace, Hope for Israel ministry delivers food packages to close to one thousand underprivileged households in Israel just in time for the holidays.

Wife of Israeli citizen denied citizenship due to faith in Jesus

Last week, the Ministry of Interior invited the Stutz family to come and finally receive the Israeli identification documentation for his wife. Excited, the Stutz family went to the Ministry of Interior, only to find out that once again, their request had been rejected, and no reason was given.

The Israeli Ministry of Interior – playing with matters of life and death

The Ministry of Interior is playing a dangerous game, both morally and legally. The Law of Return categorically states that individuals who have one Jewish parent or grandparent are eligible for citizenship.