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My story of overcoming rejection

Ron writes, "This was my experience for a year and half. It began about two years after I came to Yeshua. And I needed it because I did not understand His gospel."

Netanyahu: Every individual is created in the image of God

A visibly moved Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saluted the organization Shalva for caring for and treating many of Israel’s disabled.

Speaking up for the fatherless – Showing God’s love to orphans

Israeli nonprofit sparks a national movement to show God’s love for the orphan.

New seminar for believing singles probes important topics

The Yad Hashmona congregation hosted a two-day conference, led by a pair of Messianic counselors, on singleness and relationships last weekend for its unmarried congregants.

Christian-Jewish coalition urging Australian PM to move Embassy to Jerusalem

As reported in The Australian late Tuesday (4/12), a broad coalition of Jewish, Christian and civic groups have joined together in a petition calling on Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison to formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move the nation’s Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Yad Vashem and Israeli Ministry of Interior have contradicting definitions for the question who...

Margarita Kishnav (a pseudonym) arrived in Israel in 2016, to connect with her Jewish heritage and officially commemorate the memory of her Jewish grandfather, Hans-Walter Hirschberg, a German citizen who was a member of the resistance during World War II.

Hanukkah Riddle: The Elusive Origins of the “Shamash”

Hannah writes, "Was the "servant light" invented by the 1st-century Nazarenes, and then suppressed by the rabbinic community? The idea is not as crazy as it sounds."

The unexpected significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls

"It was November, 1947. The learned professor studied the newly discovered Dead Sea Scrolls to try and ascertain if they were as important as he dared to suspect."

Israeli archaeologists discover Yeshua painted on stone

The discovery of Yeshua’s face in a Byzantine church in the Negev Desert shows a more Jewish Jesus than the long-haired Christ portrayed in later European art.

Has Amazon-UK gone BDS?

Hannah writes, "London’s retail giant repeatedly refused my DVD order, citing vague “delivery restrictions.” A service blunder, or a secret boycott? After 10 days, Customer Service reps are still dodging the question."

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Unmerited grace

Moran writes, "In this week’s reading, Joseph reveals who he is to his brothers in a very moving account, which is recorded in Chapter 45. I would like to address two important points in this portion."

One-ness in God’s lovestyle

Guy writes, "In 2 Timothy 4:1-8 Paul, knowing he was nearing the end of his life, spoke his last words to Timothy. This was his final instruction to his beloved disciple."

His perfect plan (Part 2)

Moran writes, "In our portion this week, we find three very important verses that I believe put an even stronger emphasis on God’s perfect plan..."

Of Arabs, Jews and gallbladders in Israel

Elhanan writes, "A fog of confusion and electronic misinformation has covered the Earth, and today one must wield a very sharp sword to cut through that blinding fog to get to the Truth."

The oil of Hanukkah

Sandra writes, "Today the Holy Spirit wants to keep His fire supernaturally burning in you and me. By the oil of His Spirit, He will empower us for battles of this age resembling those of the Maccabees."

Israeli Messianic Community News

Experience Israel – Back to the Roots

"The goals of the bible school are to provide the students with sound biblical teaching, first-hand experience of Israel and an understanding of Israel’s role in God’s plan."

“Tzabarim” for Yeshua

"Their stories are special because both the immediate family and the culture – the two factors wielding the greatest influence on our formation as human beings – were anything but conducive to believing in Yeshua. How did they become his followers?"

A search for Jewish Roots (Part 1)

"Our goal is to increase understanding of the bible and the Gospel message in the way the writers intended. The entire bible, including the New Testament, is a very Jewish book."

Health update on Pastor Santoro

Eddie writes, "At my most recent doctor's appointment this past week, the oncologist said that this was the best MRI I have had in a year! There was no evidence of the cancer!"

How I was saved and called by God to make aliyah (Part 1)

Richard writes, "Knowing that many Jewish people may read this article, I have decided to write my story on how I was saved, and later why I made aliyah to Israel in 1995."