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UNESCO to vote on resolution claiming Tomb of Patriarchs is a Muslim holy site

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization will vote during the United Nation’s World Heritage Committee in Poland next week. According to UNESCO, the resolution aims to recognize the Cave of the Patriarchs as a Muslim site.

UN denies environmental group in Lebanon spying on Israel

Israel’s envoy to the United Nations Danny Danon complained to the president of the UN Security Council that Green Without Borders, a supposed environmental group operating in South Lebanon, is actually Hezbollah operatives spying on Israel.

Israel targets Syrian Military after mortars fall on the Golan Heights

Israeli warplanes blasted two Syrian tanks, an ammunition truck and reportedly killed two Syrian soldiers on Sunday. The strikes followed at least 10 mortar explosions inside the Israeli Golan Heights on both Saturday and Sunday.

Brazilian judges admire Israeli legal system

Without any fanfare or media commotion, a major visit took place here in Israel this spring when a delegation of approximately 50 federal judges from the high courts of Brazil visited the Jewish state.

Israel on high alert near Syrian border after weekend shelling

Israeli warplanes struck military positions in Syria after shells from the war-torn nation landed in the Golan Heights on Saturday, most likely errantly, sparking retaliatory strikes by the IDF.

Hezbollah operating under guise of fake NGO on border with Israel

The terrorist organization has set up numerous observation points on the border with Israel, disguising itself at the “Green Without Borders”, a fake environmental organization.

Messianic soliders conference encourages new enlistees to honor God

Netivah recently held a conference for Messianic high school seniors to meet with IDF soldiers in order to speak with them and ask questions about military service as they are about to be drafted themselves in the coming months.

BBC apologizes for biased headline about terror attack in Israel

The BBC has apologized for the way it reported last Friday’s murder of 23-year-old Israeli Border Police Staff Sgt. Hadas Malka in Jerus

Kushner arrives in Israel, meets with family of murdered IDF solider

Kushner joined Trump’s Middle East special envoy Jason Greenblatt who arrived in Israel earlier, the two tasked with paving way for renewing peace negotiations and talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

‘Greatest Ever’ NFL gathering outside US tours Israel

Probably the strongest group of NFL stars ever to have gathered outside the U.S. visited Israel this week thanks to Jewish New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft who arranged the trip, making this tour bigger and stronger than previous ones, “the best of the best!”

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Turkey: Underwriting Islamic movements here, there and everywhere

Tzippe writes, "Erdogan's efforts to Islamize Jerusalem come as no surprise. Since his election in 2003, he has worked steadily toward the same goal in Turkey and in the process undermined the strong military and diplomatic ties his country had worked hard to establish with Israel."

Apostle in original context (part 1)

Cody writes, "Have you ever wondered what the word “apostle” meant to those living in the time the New Covenant was written?"

Lessons from Parashat Korah

Joseph writes, "What can we as leaders learn from this sad occasion in the history of our people in a period when the Lord’s presence was visible by day and by night, in a period that all of Israel enjoyed the daily miracle of Mana, water from the rock, and divine victory over Amalek?"

Israeli Messianic Community News

New ministry center in Ramat Gan aims to serve Israeli families 

A new ministry center in Ramat Gan will provide more opportunities for ordinary Israelis — families, singles and students — to engage in seminars, courses and conferences on issues relating to everyday life, while also mingling with Messianic believers.

Messianic push back at Tel Aviv gay pride parade

When the 19th annual Pride Parade was held on the streets of Tel Aviv in the name of celebrating pluralism and “bisexual visibility,” it attracted 200,000 participants — including 30,000 from abroad — and was billed as the largest procession of its kind in the Middle East and Asia.

Anti-missionaries demonstrate against Messianic publisher at book fair

Yad L'Achim, the Jewish anti-missionary organization, published an article recently against the Messianic publishing house HaGefen (The Vine) for “daring” to sell its books to the public during the Hebrew Book Week Fair in Rishon LeZion.

Love the Lord your God

Eddie writes, "As we draw close to God, we are overwhelmed by His love. There is no darkness in Him and His presence in our lives is truly a flood of light and goodness in every way."

Jerusalem Encounter connects local body with believers around the world

After much preparation and anticipation, the second Jerusalem Encounter conference convened last week as Wayne Hilsden, founder and president of the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM), warmly welcoming hundreds of guests.