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Chosen people, or myth?

Howard writes, "Those who would make the Creation account given in Gen. 1 and 2 in the Hebrew Bible a myth open the door for those who say that it is a myth that the Jewish people are God’s chosen people."

How to cope with turbulence and uncertainty, according to an Israeli soldier

"As true disciples, we are here to serve in God’s army – we are not civilians – and we are being trained to withstand whatever may come."

Humanitarian aid goes blue and white

The Joseph Project imports a wide variety of practical aid into Israel from charities worldwide and distributes these items to needy families, rehab centers, hospitals, schools and more.

[Israel Politcs 101] Who is Yair Lapid and his party called Yesh Atid

Chava writes, "Lapid is still convinced that he is the man to unseat Netanyahu, and part of the reason is his belief that he has clearly understood the many frustrations of the country’s 70% secular Israelis..."

A conversation with I AM

Eitan writes, "His ongoing conversational relationship with Moses will be the key to Israel’s supernatural victory over Egyptian idolatry and their inheritance of the promises. Should it be any different for us?"

ICEJ Tribute to Rabbi Eckstein

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem mourns the sudden passing of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and pays tribute to this unique pioneer and visionary of closer Jewish-Christian relations.

[Israel Politics 101] Who is Benny Gantz and his new Israel Resilience Party

Dubbed as “an officer and a gentleman,” (JPost, 2/1/19) former IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz has given centrist favorite Yair Lapid a...

Yeshua raised the bar

Howard writes, "As believers and disciples of Yeshua, we do not want to return to the lower standard of the former covenant... but to go on to full maturity in the liberty and exceeding glory of the blood of the New Covenant of the Lord and Messiah."

Do Jewish people need Jesus?

Daniel writes, "The question has challenged both the Jewish and the Christian communities since the first century. Our answer determines much in the way we approach relationships and priorities."

Israeli believers choose unique way of giving from the heart

About twice a year, believers in Haifa get together at Beit Eliyahu Messianic congregation to give blood.

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Love compelling effective intercession

Sandra writes, "As we read and engage with Moses’ prayers of passion for Israel, we are escorted to the inner chambers of God’s heart. There we discover depths of friendship with Him that drive history shaping intercession."

Fear of God and spiritual warfare

Dan and Dalia write, "The enemy of our souls is looking for every way to make us fail, to take us away from God, to take us back to our past or he uses believers to hurt one another and to destroy our unity."

Drawing forth water with joy

Guy writes, "What we read within these verses refers to the Presence of God and the filling of the Holy Spirit. We need to go to the source of water with excitement..."

Letter to a thinking atheist

Elhanan writes, "Some very keen minds have been swift to solve that problem and, to avoid the idea of a Beginner, came up with the brilliant theory of multiple universes, from which this one exploded into being."

Shine His light

Moran writes, "In order to be His light in this world, we need to crush our will in submission to the Father’s will, just like Yeshua did."

Israeli Messianic Community News

A search for Jewish roots (Part 2)

"One area that reflects our connection to the Jewish roots is our relationship with Israel. Can there be room in our theology for the Jewish people now and in the future, or should they be relegated to the past?"

Career course being offered for Israeli believers next month

While Israel’s economic situation is already challenging with comparatively lower salaries and higher taxes and costs of living than many other nations, believers here can find themselves in an even worse situation than the average Israeli.

One in Messiah – Joint gathering of believers from the region of Judah and...

Howard writes, "The gathering was initiated by Tom Hess, with our congregation, Nachalat Yeshua, handling most of the logistics and equipment needed, acting as hosts, so to speak."

Haifa Messianic congregation wins appeal against city decision to tax

A Messianic congregation has won its appeal against the Haifa municipality which wanted to charge property taxes on the portion of the congregational building used for childcare during services.

One in Messiah – Beer Sheva Messianic Congegration visits Arab Christians in Bethlehem

Howard writes, "We want to encourage and build up the Body of Messiah in the truth and unity of YHVH God. The Kingdom of God does recognize boundaries, and in the Spirit we can respect them, and cross over."