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What do we know about gold Nero coin found outside Jerusalem’s Old City?

KNI reported on the discovery of an extremely rare gold coin, depicting the Roman Emperor Nero, which was none of the above. It was found just outside Jerusalem’s Old City on Mount Zion and dates back to the middle of the first century. Now, after further testing and studies, more has come to light about the coin.

International lawmakers from 17 countries denounce UNESCO resolution, sign declaration in Jerusalem

Nineteen members of parliament (MP’s) from over 17 countries signed a declaration rejecting UNESCO’s resolution passed last week that denies Jewish heritage and history to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Thursday.

Israelis give back to Christian supporters in Jerusalem March

As thousands of Christians took part Thursday in the Jerusalem March which occurs every year during Sukkot, a group of Israelis - who have been touched by this vivacious display of support - came out to express their gratitude.

African leaders seeking diplomatic and economic ties with Israel

Africa is no longer walking in lockstep with Arab nations' demands and Israel should use this opportunity to renew ties to nations on that continent, according to a political leader from Africa.

Providing quality dental care to the needy in Israel in Yeshua’s name

A team of Arab and Jewish Israeli believers are showing the love of Yeshua through providing high quality, full service dentistry to the poor and needy at the HaTikva Dental Clinic in downtown Jerusalem.

UNESCO moves forward with anti-Jewish resolution regarding Jerusalem sites

A decision that lawmakers from both the left and right of the political spectrum are calling “unbefitting of UNESCO” has left Israel’s government and many Jews and supporters of Israel around the world furious.

Women: Stay off the main road in Mea Shearim during Sukkot

Just before the Sukkot holiday, posters were hung in Mea Shearim warning residents and visitors to avoid the main streets of the Jerusalem neighborhood throughout the week-long holiday of Sukkot – unless they are male.

A ‘Feast’ of Events during Sukkot

Whether you are visiting or even if you live in Israel, you may not be aware of the variety of events going on during the week of Sukkot, The Feast of Tabernacles.

Netanyahu slams Israeli NGO for ‘slander’ against Israel

In a speech on Friday, broadcast live on the UN website, Hagai El-Ad, executive director of the leftwing NGO, presented a scathing tirade on the Jewish state: “Illegal Israeli Settlements: Obstacles to Peace and the Two-State Solution.”

Clinton: Facade of Israeli-Palestinian peace process better than none at all 

A facade of an Israeli-Palestinian peace process is better than none at all, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told senior staffers according to the latest batch of leaked emails released by WikiLeaks.

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Truth and Love

Elhanan writes, "The current world has drifted so far from truth that there is little truth left to believe... A most recent example of the death of truth is UNESCO’s official majority decision declaring in effect that there is no Jewish history in Jerusalem."

What does it mean to provoke the Jews to jealousy?

"Yes, it was God’s plan that his new covenant would extend the possibility of relationship with God to all the peoples of the earth… and that this would also cause the Jewish people to see what they were missing out on."

Salvation of Israel and great harvest of Gentiles

Howard writes, "There is hope for the nations: Jesus Christ is coming again! This has been my hope ever since being saved, and over the years it has not only not diminished, it has intensified."

The Living Water (John 7:37)

David writes, "As we come to the end of Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles on Sunday night, lets be sure we do not miss the key point that the Messiah Himself taught us when He celebrated the Feast for the last time in His Earthly life."

A Season of Celebration

Moran writes, "I am devoting this week’s blog to a season of celebration; as we reflect upon the Lord, who He is, His holiness, undying faithfulness, love and grace, I can’t help but be thankful that He has considered me worthy to be called His child."

Israeli Messianic Community News

Following God’s Call from the Netherlands to the Negev

K.J. writes, "The man who studied animal behavior and desert regions in the Netherlands, has made a life by contributing in Israel, in many and varied ways."

Ambassadors of harvest: Evangelicals help Jewish farmers in Israel

Pro-Israel Evangelicals are always searching for projects they can be actively involved in to bless Israel’s spiritual harvest whether practically, financially, prayerfully or by visiting the Land.

The 4th Russian Messianic Jewish Leaders Conference

Dr. Glaser shares an encouraging report from the fourth Russian Messianic Jewish Leaders in Warsaw, Poland.

Vision For Israel Succot Celebration 2016

Barry and Batya Segal, Messianic worship leaders and founders of Vision for Israel (VFI) and The Joseph Storehouse will host an annual Succot Celebration in downtown Jerusalem as a way "to strengthen the connection between Israeli and international believers".

The Power of Forgiveness: One year after terror attack 

One year after nearly being killed in a terror attack, Veldman’s story is one of forgiveness and hope that propelled her out of a pit of fear and despair.