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Expectations high for US Embassy move ahead of Trump, Netanyahu Talks

President Donald Trump invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington next month, while rumors swirled in Israel that the White House would soon announce its move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

The Joseph Project donates medical aid to Syrians

As the bombs were dropping in the beleaguered city of Aleppo, an Israeli organization comprised of local believers came up with a strategic move: They would donate a container of valuable medical supplies and equipment meant for Israel to internally displaced Syrians.

Netanyahu to meet with Trump in February

Prime Minister Netanyahu will reportedly meet with United States President Donald Trump at the beginning of February. Netanyahu will visit the United States in March to speak at the national AIPAC convention, however, a meeting is to be scheduled for both leaders in the coming weeks.

Israelis view Trump’s presidency as a relief after Obama’s two terms

Israelis are eagerly anticipating the change in American leadership, believing that the inauguration of U.S. President Donald Trump heralds a change in what had been eight years of a tense and acrimonious relationship between the allies.

VIDEO: Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn speaks at President Trump’s Inauguration Prayer Breakfast

American Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn speaking at President Trump's Inauguration Prayer Breakfast: "We must pray according to God's will and truth. So this message...

A new, comprehensive plan to revitalize northern Israel

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently announced an ambitious new plan to grow the north.

Trump Administration ushers in new era of US-Israeli relations

When Donald Trump stunned the world on Election Day, some knew it also signaled a transformation in the U.S.-Israeli relationship.

Potential prisoner exchange weighs Israel’s value for life

A Hamas official claims talks are underway for a prisoner swap with Israel, involving two Israeli civilians as well as the remains of two soldiers who died in 2014 Operation Protective Edge in exchange for 60 high-security Hamas prisoners.

Tel Aviv urges preschools to include LGBT family model in “welcoming Shabbat” services

Tel Aviv, which has been voted the “best gay city in the world,” is now encouraging its preschools to purposefully represent diverse family models at their “welcoming Shabbat” services on Fridays.

The Paris Peace Conference Déjà Vu (Part3)

Global powers are dealing with the Middle East as they remember it 100 years ago. Their state of denial not only misreads evolving Israel-Arab relations, but also a century of God's intervention to upend Western sabotage. Not surprisingly, the two are intertwined.

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Interview with Pastor Greg Laurie: What do Evangelicals believe about Israel?

Joel writes, "Wherever I travel and speak around the world, I’m asked about what Evangelical Christians believe about Israel and the future of the Jewish people and the Jewish State?" Watch his interview with Pastor Greg Laurie, in which they address these questions and more.

“I do not need to be in a congregation”

Daniel writes, "This statement is a representation of not only many young people today, but of even some older people who are in their senior years of disillusionment with congregational life as they experienced it."

Did Yeshua make Peter the pope?

"Peter was hot off the marks in every regard. Hot-headed and tempestuous, quick and eager to believe. He was the first to jump out of the boat and walk on water at Yeshua’s invitation, the first to believe it was even possible..."

Paris Conference Nosedives! Five Significant Fails

Ron writes, "While the Paris Conference did release a statement condemning Israel, it was lacking the teeth they had hoped for and it came and went with little fanfare. I am sure that God heard the prayers of His people on this."

As the LORD spoke through His servants the prophets

Howard writes, "History — past, present, and future — is a witness to YHVH God’s faithfulness to His covenants, and to His sovereign power and will: not the will of man, nor of the devil, nor of the flesh, but the will of GOD!"

Israeli Messianic Community News

Yuval Art School inspires creativity for God’s glory

Walking through the doors of Yuval Art School for the first time, you can not help but be overwhelmed with childlike excitement. The open spaces are adorned with mismatched wall treatments and art pieces that naturally make visitors want to explore, laugh, and create...

Multiplication of a widow’s mite

"God states in His word that if we give, it will come back to us: pressed down, shaken together and running over. Our staff were in awe of Amira’s story as she shared of what happened when she gave from the little she had and watched God multiply it before her eyes."

The Battles of Arad

Alec writes, "Following many years of persecution and harassment by the Orthodox, this Messianic Jewish congregation in Arad made the decision to hold their Sabbath meetings beyond the reach of the Orthodox Jews, who are prohibited from driving on the Sabbath..."

A New Year in Him

Eddie writes, "2017 promises to be an extraordinary year of darkness covering the earth and light filled Kingdom advances."

Israeli Knesset aids Christians seeking to register as Arameans

Yesterday, January 18, the Israeli Knesset approved a bill that makes it easier for Arabic-speaking Christians in Israel to officially list their identity as Arameans.