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HaDerekh Youth Israel Aliyah, a Messianic Jewish Roundtrip through the Land of Israel

For any believer, going to Israel is an amazing experience. For a young Jewish believer, it is a homecoming––to a place their eyes have never seen but that their heart belong to.

HeDerekh Youth is opening the door for young Jewish believers, welcoming them home to the land of Israel and into an amazing and soul-stirring adventure. The word “Aliyah” means “to go up” and HaDerekh Youth Israel Aliyah is challenging and helping young people to “go up” into their heritage, into the land and out of their comfort zone, spiritually, mentally and physically.

HaDerekh’s program consists of 9 people, 3 leaders and 6 participants, who will spend over 3 weeks in The Land. This intimate, small-group setting provides an atmosphere for in-depth learning and exploration.

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