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Israeli Messianic Internet TV Channel Yeshua Chai Is LIVE

The Israeli Messianic internet TV channel “” has gone live, airing around the clock with preaching, teaching, interviews and testimonies all in Hebrew, sharing the good news of Yeshua.  

In a unique way, “” seeks to serve as a platform for all local ministries that are using media in their outreach. “” is supported by Revive Israel and has a committee that consists of 7 local ministries. Familiar Israeli channels and names such as iGod, Jacob  Damkani, “Maoz” and “Medabrim” are some of the broadcasters.

Israel is one of the top internet surfers through computers and smart devices in the world.  This fact gives the channel a special opportunity and potential to share with family, friends and neighbors.  “” hopes to become a well-known channel across Israel in years to come.


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