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VIDEO: New books – A Lawyer’s Case for the Resurrection and A Lawyer’s Case for His Faith

Watch this short video previewing Jim Jacob’s new books, A Lawyer’s Case for the Resurrection and A Lawyer’s Case for His Faith.

The books may be purchased on the website

Click here to watch an interview with Jim on Marcus and Joni Lamb Show on Daystar TV to discuss these new books. Go to the 45:40 mark for the interview.

Jim Jacob has been a senior partner at his law firm since 1979. He has been privileged to represent prominent civic leaders, large U.S. companies, and countless individuals. For many years, Jim has held the highest rating from Martindale-Hubbell, a prominent company that evaluates lawyers nationwide. Jim has been admitted to practice law before the United States Supreme Court, and was selected for membership to Outstanding Lawyers of America. Jim has written articles on legal topics for both the Kansas City Star and Missouri Lawyers Weekly. Jim’s first book, A Lawyer’s Case for God, has received international acclaim and has been translated into three languages. Jim and his wife, Cathy, have been married for 35 years and have four children. Jim and Cathy have served for many years in varying leadership roles at their congregation. Jim also serves two international not-for-profit organizations—one as a legal advisor, and one as a board member and officer.

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