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From the journal of a Messianic soldier in the IDF reserves

As you read these words, somewhere out there is a soldier, who is also a Messianic believer.

I write this piece as reservist who is serving in the reserves at the moment. I am wearing my uniform and looking at my team, their conduct with each other and looking at the room I spent two years of my life in. A rare glimpse of the life I had up until just recently, but this time from the side.

Some background: I was drafted into the army in the beginning of 2013 to a field team of a classified unit. I served in the unit a full enlistment and then signed up to stay on a little longer.

Two weeks after I was finished with my army duty I was called to the reserves for the first time. Today, only four months after I was released from the army – I am back in the same room, with the same people, but this time as a spectator and a guest.

Back to reality.

As I look at the moment at the conduct of the people that surrounded me day and night up until a few months ago, I cannot but flinch from the blunt language and the exaggerated pride that surrounds me.

I’ll explain:

When someone wants to acquire equipment for example, he will first try to approach with flattery the owner of interests. If he is rejected, he will get upset, curse and be arrogant about this person (of course not in his face, as he will need more equipment in the future) “How does he dare” …” what is he thinking that he isn’t giving me the equipment” …

How is this possible? Just a moment ago dirty language was like a low humming in my ears, and now it is like a hammer hitting iron! Just a moment ago pride and interests were in my thinking a legitimate way that unbelievers behave, and now this behavior disgusts me! What happened? From where does this change come?

There is a tale of a frog, that if you put it in a pot of boiling water it will jump for its life out of there. But if you let it splash in lukewarm water and then start to heat the water – it will not get out of the pot until its skin will let out steam, and its body will float in the boiling water. I do not know if this is a parable or a real phenomenon, but the lesson is that humans, just like frogs, will get used to any environment no matter how destructive it may be.

I write these lines primarily as a reminder. Not many people get to see the situation in which they perform – from the side. I suggest we try to look objectively (our parent’s perspective for example, or one of the congregation’s leaders) not only at our Messianic conduct, but also of those that surround us. Maybe that way we will remember how much they are in need of salvation.

The second reason I am writing these lines, is because at this very moment tens or hundreds of Messianic soldiers are actors on a complex and difficult stage. They are participating, not by choice, in a difficult and enormous race, surrounded by countless people who have not chosen Yeshua as their savior.

Please remember them in your prayers. Please ask how they are doing as they sit in the back rows at the congregation, quieter than ever. Even visiting them at their bases isn’t a bad idea…

“Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Messiah Yeshua.” 2 Timothy 2:3


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