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Dugit “Living Stones” Tour 2017

Many believers have the desire to make the pilgrimage to Israel to experience the places of legendary history. In addition to visiting the sacred sites and walking where Yeshua walked, we will worship and pray together, share meals, and spend quality time in fellowship.

Avi Mizrachi was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Avi along with his wife, Chaya, their family and the Dugit team have been serving the body of Christ in Israel for over 24 years.  The Living Stones Tour was birthed out of a desire that Avi and Chaya had to spend quality time in Israel with friends and supporters of Dugit from around the world. It is our goal to immerse each guest in the reality of living in Israel as a believer.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s tour will be December 3-12, 2017. To maintain the intimate nature of this trip, we only have 45 spaces available. Please click here for more information including cost and registration info!

Dugit Staff
Dugit as an evangelistic outreach center located in the heart of Tel Aviv. The Hebrew word “Dugit” means little fishing boat, like the ones used by the disciples on the Sea of Galilee. Functioning as a coffee shop and outreach center, Dugit provides a friendly environment where Israelis can hear about Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah and receive teaching. Periodically, Dugit hosts “Dugit Live”, an evening outreach in which believers can share their testimonies with unbelievers through live music and fellowship.

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