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Shai Sol’s testimony in music

It all started at my 6th birthday.

My mother bought me a Goblet drum.

My mom and I went together to the music store, for the first time.

The minute I held that drum in my hand I felt right at home.

On the day of my 6th birthday, the execution office came knocking on our door. They took all the electrical devices we had in our home. My mom said something to me that’s been embedded in my mind ever since: “You are the music. Nobody can take that away from you. It’s a gift from God.” And so it was. I kept on drumming that Goblet drum and we happily celebrated.

I received a greater gift than I could have ever imagined.

Ever since that day, the music world has never let me go and has been a huge part of my life. I started learning piano and different percussion instruments, while serving in every musical event we had at school/in our town/at the congregation.

At the age of 16, I formed my first band I’ve ever had, with some very good friends, and when it eventually dissolved because of different reasons, I thought it was the end of the world. I drowned myself in sadness, shutting myself out and started learning how to play the guitar. While learning, different lyrics and melodies came to me, creating a pile of new songs.

It just kept piling up more and more, and by the time I got to 300 songs I stopped counting.

My mother raised me by herself, and we’ve experienced plenty of challenging trials and experiences that strengthened us and gave us lessons that no school could teach.

At school I was a good student; volunteering in every other activity, youth organization, helping the environment… All until the music world really got a hold of me, and gradually all my activities had something to do with music.

The two main places in my life were the congregation and the Rock center. That’s where I absorbed a lot of music and knowledge.

At the congregation, I learned a lot about worship, serving and production. I played with all the instruments, practiced leading worship, brought new songs to the congregation, and it taught me a lot. The more I gave of myself to God, the more I received from Him.

The Rock center is where I first started performing at the age of 16, and that’s where I received a lot of inspiration, knowledge and experience, mainly from the owners of the place whom I became really good friends with. Together we produced a song, the first one I ever published – ‘Malacheem’ (Angels).


About 2 years ago, I participated in the reality TV show ‘The Next Star’, where I shared some of my life with all the people who were watching. It was really important to me to say that I’m a Messianic believer, because that’s a thing that has never been said on television, here in Israel. I think that in 2017, in an advanced and opened society, there’s no reason that, as Messianic believers, we should be afraid to stand firm in our faith and talk freely about it, in spite of the fact that some people hold different opinions. My appearing in the show was an act of grace from God, and I thank Him for the opportunity He gave me to share His name on TV.

This last year, a lot of things have changed in my life; my mother and I moved to Tel Aviv. We came, not having a job or a specific plan. We basically started from scratch.

We joined the Tiferet Yeshua family who received us with love and support throughout our journey, making the congregation our second home.

I joined the band Miqedem, which is now providing me with my most challenging school-time. I get to work with such talented musicians who are also family to me.

These last few months I’ve been working on my premiere album with Jamie Hilsden, who’s producing the album for me. It’s about to go gold and I’m really excited to finally see this album released. The songs in the album talk about experiences I went through, feelings I have, and thoughts about the faith which was a stable ground for me during all the difficult times I’ve been through.

Music, to me, is both a way to deal with things, and a reflection of a road that faith is at its center, leading to our father in heaven. Being a musician in Israel is extremely challenging, but I’m filled with faith and confidence that this is the road I need to be on. Please keep me in your prayers that’s I’ll be able to fulfill God’s purpose for me in the Israeli music field.

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This article originally appeared on Tiferet Yeshua Congregation, February 19, 2017, and reposted with permission.


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