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VIDEO: Meet Madalyn – experiences from Ascend Carmel

Madalyn talks about her experience of the Ascend 10-day program in Israel.

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The 10-day programs include a three-part journey which begins with entering into the presence of the Lord and presenting ourselves before Him, according to the patterns for worship as seen in the tabernacle. This is followed by a segment focusing on a pure heart, pruning for greater fruitfulness, and separation as preparation. The final section of the journey is seeing Him, which brings forth transformation, and the sound of heaven.

Ascend Carmel Staff
Ascend Carmel programs are designed for worshipping musicians and singers to access the presence of the Lord, encounter God and be changed. The programs will invite you onto a journey of transformation, of listening to God's voice, exploring intercessory worship, and being released further into your personal destiny in God through intensive training, touring and practical workshops.

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