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VIDEO: I Held Him – Birgitta Veksler

“I Held Him”, a single from the album “The Israeli Path” by Birgitta Veksler. Song in Hebrew with lyrics below in English. Production
Lyrics: Avner Valer
Music: Eli Ben Moshe
Vocals: Birgitta Veksler
Musical Director: Eli Ben Moshe
Musical Adaptations: Eli Ben Moshe and Benny Ruben

When I went out to search
It was time
I left my parents’ home
I wanted to break away
And leave everything

I sought the one my heart loves
Who gave me the manna
When I found him
I held him and would not let him go
I went around the streets
I cried out, I raised my voice
Where is my beloved
Where is my life
Where is the one my heart loves
When I found him
I held him and would not let him go

Guitars: Jamie Hilsden and Allen Serruya
Bass: Beni Ruben
Drums: Yoel HIlsden
Keyboard: Andrei Vilnev
Recorded at Maoz Israel Tzur Studio
Backup Vocals: Irit Iffirt
Mix: Avi Perrodin
Master: Oren Elsheich, Playground Studio


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