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Live on purpose

Do you find life frustrating? Does is seem like there is never enough time, money, resources or energy to do the things you love and long to do? Maybe it’s time to make some changes and to live your life intentionally with purpose.

“Live intentionally, Bethany.” Those were the wise words my mother had to say after getting an earful of complaints that I didn’t have enough of… you name it. I understood what she was saying. Basically, my life had become what I had allowed it to be. If my children were not helping pick things up around the house, it was because I was not intentional about teaching them the importance of taking responsibility for what was theirs. If our household income was not enough to set aside a little to enjoy something like a vacation or even on a smaller scale, an evening out with my husband, we needed to consider where we could make some changes in order to do those things we love. If work, school, congregation, friends or my cell phone were all vying for my attention, I needed a concrete plan for when and where each one would be welcome into my day. Complaining will never result in change. Taking responsibility where we can and praying through the things we can’t, that is where we will gain the results we are looking for.

In whatever area you find yourself struggling, I encourage you to do something about it today. Push away the distractions, and take the time to think through and process that “thing” that is bothering you. Write down what it looks like now and how you would like it to be. Then, go to the source of all wisdom: The word of God. He has the answer to every question, a solution for every problem, a path of righteousness leading to an abundant life for you. So go for it! Set your goals and live intentionally.

This article originally appeared on CBN Israel, March 24, 2017, and reposted with permission.

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