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Christian Friends of Israel to host Jerusalem Jubilee Conference

In a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) is hosting a conference in the city to mark this significant event.

From May 22 to 25, some 200 participants from around the world will gather at the Hotel Yehuda in Jerusalem to hear a wide variety of speakers discuss Israel’s ancient capital city.

“We want to make people aware of the importance of Jerusalem politically, geographically and scripturally: this is the city to which our Messiah will return,” Kevin Howard, CFI’s director of technology, told KNI.

The official invitation to the Jerusalem Jubilee 50 Year Anniversary explains: “There will be three days and four nights filled with praise, worship, teaching, education and excursion with a chance to say ‘I celebrated the miracle of Jerusalem’s Jubilee, with all of Israel!’”

“As Christians we want to celebrate the reunification of Jerusalem together with Israel,” Howard said. “There will be people coming to the conference from many countries including China, Hong Kong, Netherlands, France, Canada, the U.K., Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Taiwan and the U.S.”

The conference will be opened by CFI co-founder Sharon Sanders and will feature numerous speakers from very diverse backgrounds.

“We feel it is important to provide the participants with a well-rounded experience,” Howard affirmed. “This is because of the enormity of Jerusalem and all it represents to so many different people.”

The conference and speakers list is as follows:

Monday 22 May: Conference opening and evening session with Sharon Sanders.

Tuesday 23 May, in order of speaking: Jonathan Spyer, director of the Rubin Center, author and Middle East analyst; Steven Khoury, Christian Arab pastor and VP of Holyland Missions in Bethlehem; Lisa Miara, founder of Springs of Hope Foundation; Rick Riding, founder of Succat Hallel – 24 Worship and Intercession; Mordecai Kedar, Ph.D., Israeli scholar at Bar Ilan University and expert on Islam

Wednesday 24 May, in order of speaking: Commanders of the IDF speaking on defending the nation of Israel; Benny Kashriel , mayor of Maale Adumim; Ambassador Yoram Ettinger speaking on Israel and the UN: standing strong among the nations; General Uzi Dayan, war hero and nephew of Moshe Dayan, Israel’s defense minister at the time of the Six-Day War.

Thursday 25 May, in order of speaking: Boaz Michael, founder of First Fruits of Zion; Victor Kalisher, executive director of the Bible Society, Brad Young, Ph.D. of Oral Roberts University and professor of Biblical Literature in Judeo-Christian Studies.

Worship sessions will be led by Joshua Aaron in the evenings and Amber and Ewald Sutter in the mornings.

On May 23, conference attendees will join Israelis in the march to the kotel (Western Wall) in celebration of Jerusalem Day. On the following day attendees will visit the Bible Lands Museum for a look at ancient Israel and Jerusalem. At the museum there will be a discussion on Jewish Christian Relations from David Nekrutman, the Executive Director of the Center for Jewish–Christian Understanding and Cooperation.

Registration for locals and non-residents for the conference sessions may be made at

For non-residents the conference fee for the full four days of sessions (not including meals, excursions, accommodation or travel) is $100.

Local residents may attend individual sessions at 20 shekels per evening session and 40 shekels per morning and afternoon sessions (an Israeli ID or volunteer visa is required at the door).

All the speakers will subsequently be given an opportunity to be interviewed on CFI’s FrontPage Jerusalem weekly radio broadcast hosted by Earl Cox, Ben Kinchlow and Kevin Howard.

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Karen Faulkner
Karen Faulkner is a British Israeli citizen. She has a Master's degree in Human Rights & Transitional Justice from Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

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