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LISTEN: John 20: Intimacy – The basis of unity

Rev. David Pileggi on Pentecost Sunday asks and then answers the questions, “What truth do we need to learn from the passage?” and “What is the outreach and mission as described in John’s gospel? The Holy Spirit is given to us for outreach to others. It is coming into and experiencing divine life and sharing it with others. Coming into an intimate relationship, a Trinitarian Intimacy. Participating in the life of Jesus who brings us to the Father by the Holy Spirit. To be cured we need eternal life. Life, as described in John’s gospel, is eternal life, intimate relationship, continuously with the Father through Jesus by the Spirit; Abiding in Him. Our effectiveness in the mission will depend on our consecration and holiness. Unity is not the end game; it is so we can reflect the reality of the trinity based on the truth Intimacy must ensure we live the way Jesus lived; God loves the hostile world and wants to redeem it. Jesus sets the model that says we need to be a forgiving and loving community. We can’t preach a message of forgiveness with un-forgiveness in out hearts.

Readings: Numbers 11:24-30, John 20:19-23

David Pileggi
David Pileggi lives in Jerusalem with his wife Carol and their three adult children where he is the rector of Christ Church in the Old City of Jerusalem. They have lived in Israel for 33 years where David has worked as a journalist/researcher and for 19 years was director of a study program dedicated to teaching Christians about the Jewish context of their faith. David has an M.A. from the Hebrew University in Jewish Studies and is a licensed tour guide.

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