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Yeshua Chai TV: Vision to see thousands of Israelis saved

Yeshua Chai, Hebrew for “Yeshua lives”, is also the name of a growing 24/7 TV internet channel in Hebrew that endeavors to reach Israelis on behalf of the body of Messiah in Israel.

The aim of the channel’s directors is to make Yeshua Chai a household name across the country.

“Our vision is to help bring unity to the local body of Yeshua through giving a platform for the video productions of different ministries and in that way to spread the good news,” said director Aviram Eldar. “We are not working for ourselves — we want to facilitate others by broadcasting their materials.”

Eldar envisions thousands of Israelis coming to Yeshua though the channel, in this, the most on-line country in the world.

“I have a passion to see all my people, Israel, become disciples of Yeshua,” Eldar told KNI. “This is what I give my life to. I believe that through the channel we will be able to reach every Israeli with good and quality productions.”

To achieve these aims, Eldar is asking believers across the country to encourage their friends to search it out on the internet, and for believers around the world to pray for breakthrough. In an initial campaign, they are also recruiting professional advertisers to spread the station’s name in the public sphere with the goal that half a million Israelis will know the name Yeshua Chai.

The vision for Yeshua Chai was birthed in the heart of a Jewish congregation leader, Asher Intrater, and his friend Harun Ibrahim, manager of a Middle East satellite TV station, El Hayat. El Hayat reaches millions of Muslims, many of whom come to Lord through this media. The vision is now to do the same for Israelis.

As these two men concurrently received this vision to spread the Gospel through a TV channel, Eldar did too. They got together and initially applied to broadcast on Israel’s HOT Cable TV company, but the Israeli government broadcasting authority said no.

“As soon as they heard the name Yeshua they denied it,” explained Eldar.

So they started broadcasting on the internet under the name Israel Chai in 2011. In 2013 Eldar started to manage the channel and they changed the name to Yeshua Chai.

KNI reported on Yeshua Chai’s initial broadcasts back in 2015.

Eldar himself came to know Yeshua through a book by an Israeli Messianic leader. He grew in the Lord by finding answers to his many questions online, before later joining a congregation. Eldar asked God for direction on how he could serve him.

“I felt that God put in my heart to learn media,” he told us. “I started to study at media school in Jerusalem and after a year studied some more in Tel Aviv.”

After studying he worked immediately with Revive Israel, the ministry currently overseeing Yeshua Chai.

“We have completed two productions recently,” Eldar continued. “In ‘30 Questions’, we asked eight Israeli believers 30 difficult questions, questions which unbelievers usually ask, such as: how can Yeshua be born of a virgin? Are you missionaries? Will there be a third Temple? How can you be a Jew and still believe in Jesus? What will happen in the last days?”

Another recent production involved asking 10 congregation elders to share their testimonies and thoughts about the future of the Messianic Jewish movement. In Israel, asking questions is a culturally appropriate way of exploring truth.

Yeshua Chai has five more in-house productions that are in the very early stages. They are also adding subtitles to all their productions as this increases viewer retention rates.

All of this, of course, costs money and professional TV broadcasting is expensive. Yeshua Chai needs $125,000 for its forthcoming publicity campaign to make their name known to half-a-million Israelis, plus a further $125,000 to complete their next five productions.

Eldar is looking for partnership in achieving these goals from those who will pray and spread the word about the channel to those who will give financially to the cause. For further information, or to make a donation, Eldar invites potential partners to check out the Yeshua Chai website where they can find both a contact page and a giving page.

“I believe this channel will be a strong vessel in the hand of the Lord, to clean the name of Yeshua and bring the Gospel to places we cannot usually reach,“ Eldar concluded.

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