Prayer request regarding Israeli citizenship issues

Below is a prayer request sent to KNI to post. Because of the sensitivity of the issue initials are used for their names.

Dear Intercessors and Prayer Warriors,

We have an urgent prayer request from our son A. and his wife L. He served 3 years in Special Forces in the IDF. They currently live in Jerusalem, and they’re expecting their first baby. That’s the good news but now we’ve got some serious news. The Israeli Ministry of Interior (MOI) who grants or refuses citizenship, doesn’t recognize their marriage so L. is still on a tourist visa after two years!

When a Gentile like L. and our older son’s wife S. marry an Israeli Jew like our sons, they’re entitled to a work visa and health insurance in the first year of their marriage. After four years, they receive Israeli citizenship. S. has been here 7 years, but the MOI tried to throw her out so we had to take them to court. The MOI is also threatening to revoke my citizenship and my husband’s too – all illegal acts. We hired a lawyer for S.’s case and a decision is still pending for her.

Now A. has been called into the MOI on Sunday, July 16 for an interview specifically about his faith. This is also illegal. Most likely they want to cast out L. because you’re not allowed to stay in Israel for so long on a tourist visa. They may want to interview L. and she’s really upset about this.

Please pray for courage and the peace of G-d to surround this precious couple.

Thank you for rallying the troops and sharing with fellow prayer warriors. Oh how we bless you and thank you for your faithful love and prayers!

Kehila News Israel Staff
The Kehila News Staff is a team of Israeli believers in Yeshua.

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