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LISTEN: God’s judgment on the wheat and tares – Matthew 13

Rev. David Pileggi says that Jesus parables give different facets of the Kingdom of Heaven: its King, its people and community, its power, etc. The parable of the wheat and tares talks about the community of God and how it contains those who look like they belong but they do not. We don’t like to talk about judgment but the Bible is clear that judgment begins in the House of God,. The Gospels tell how we followers of Jesus will be held accountable for how we relate with those within the community. How does God judge His people when we are lawless? By taking his Presence from our communities.

Readings: Psalm 86:11-17  •  Romans 8:12-25  •  Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

David Pileggi
David Pileggi lives in Jerusalem with his wife Carol and their three adult children where he is the rector of Christ Church in the Old City of Jerusalem. They have lived in Israel for 33 years where David has worked as a journalist/researcher and for 19 years was director of a study program dedicated to teaching Christians about the Jewish context of their faith. David has an M.A. from the Hebrew University in Jewish Studies and is a licensed tour guide.

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