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A beautiful wedding

This week we were honored to be guests at a beautiful wedding. Now we have attended I think up to almost over a hundred weddings in our 25 year marriage, which we  celebrated this year. I think all weddings are special and some more than others. That’s why I want to talk about this particular wedding. First I’d like to give a little background on the subject.

Israel weddings are fabulous. They are mostly extremely secular but the rabbi shows up and the element of God and the covering of the huppa gives religious godly overtones to even the most blatantly worldly weddings here. Except for the ultra-orthodox, rabbis are just performing a duty and the God heartfelt weddings other than the couple marrying can be rare. After the huppa, God often seems a little out of the picture, however as secular music is loud, drinking too much is common… and you get the picture.

Nonetheless weddings in Israel are wonderful. There is great expense and beautiful taste in wedding halls décor here. Fountains of water from cascades flow in open gardens and the venues are incomparable really. The food sometimes is better in some places than others and I do for one notice that. Weddings sometime are just a show for the family and friends too it seems, not personal enough. Sometimes the photographers are only filming the less clad, the youngest wildest people on the dance floor. Often others are just there as shadows, fillers it seems as they are by passed one by one. Someone’s special neighbor or grandmother who is more important than anyone may not be glam enough to shoot pix all night, ok I get it.

Yesterday’s wedding was different as I said. A friend came to me and said the father of the bride looked sad. I pondered on that. I too would be sad, losing my daughter to another in some way. The days of yesterday gone, the future uncertain. The father betach (of course) daydreaming that all will be well. The parents feeling no doubt their little girl is really now all grown up and will have a life with another. That can be sad I think, let’s be honest.

As the huppa time neared and the performing of the Messianic rabbi (weddings must be done outside Israel first if not both partners are fully Jewish legally) we gathered to munch. The food was excellent and I was very impressed. This couple is not wealthy so I was therefore more impressed how perfect everything was. Locals often make a big deal about the food whether hosts realize this or not! How delightful it was to munch on very fresh meat and bread, noticeably so. It only got better.

The prayers over the special couple were different and locals saw that too. I know some who attended were unsaved in the faith. I believe the separation in the holy realm was seen by the unsaved this night. They saw the difference in the prayers, the love and the godliness. This was a wedding where God was in the beginning of it, present throughout it and was welcome to stay the entire evening. How lovely it was to hear praise music all night and even dance to it, ha. How pure and clean and holy we all felt this special night. We did not choose to leave when everyone started getting drunk and loud as other secular weddings can be and is largely the norm.

Many people said they saw friends they hadn’t seen in years. For us it seemed more like not having seen some in a decade! I was so happy to see so many old friends and how God brought us together after so many years! God’s kindness was poured out to us all as we mutually inquired about the peace of Jerusalem (i.e. each other’s welfare). I was so touched at the love from the body of Christ here in Israel. Having survived two brutal surgeries it meant so much to me that others asked me how I am doing now. I saw the love and sincerity in their eyes and hearts this night. I felt I had a real family again. Maybe you don’t know but I lost my entire family the past few years. So this camaraderie and genuine godly family bonding was extraordinary and treasured in my heart.

As we drove away after saying our goodbyes a sadness now filled my own heart. I too felt I was losing a sister, a time gone by and an entire lifetime somehow as I glimpsed the bride dancing into the night. Yet a joy also came over me now. It was the truth of the matter that the body of Christ has truly grown spiritually here. We love with an ending love like Him, we care with His heart now more than before. We forgive and move on with pure hearts. We understand we are a body and we value one another with sincere unleavened bread of eternal kindness. We have grown Lord!

We are prepared now for your groom ship to marry us soon. No tears, no pain, no sorrow awaits us. The Israel bride and international bride awaits your coming and perfect timing. Another awesome but non ending wedding awaits us, another beautiful wedding that never is sad. Our bridegroom Yeshua stands with the invitation in his hand, the wedding ring stretched out to us to wear. The perfect menu of his blood and body to feast upon and the King of King’s banquet spread for you and me. The perfect dance in divine harmony with all creation singing his name! The meal of the best Glatt Kosher one could ever imagine. There also will be 144,000 very interesting guests we can mingle with Lord and get to know better! There will be heavenly anointed music group and two witnesses which perhaps fire will flow from their mouths giving praise to the Father in heaven for the glorious wedding of all time. All our loved ones who have gone on before us will be there.

I think we are just about ready now in Israel for our corporate wedding. I saw it in the hearts yesterday, I saw in the minds and the ways. Our ways have become more as your ways somehow, something has happened to us Lord. We reflect you now more Lord and it was so obvious to me. Perhaps it is I who has changed, or perhaps it is all of us changing from glory to glory as in a mirror daily. But for me to see it was inspiring, for me to look back over the years and suddenly see not only a younger sister grown and marrying now. I was seeing as well God’s body now all grown up in Israel finally and prepared for her groom as well. Isn’t that a wonderful wedding? All heaven rejoice over the sound of marriage. Amen.

Miriam Abramov
Miriam Abramov is Israeli and resides in Israel. She has published and written 2 books, "Shalom At Last" (co-authored with her husband Shlomy) and also her biography titled "Married to Israel". She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Israel College of the Bible and pursued an M.A. degree in Jewish Missions. She sponsors tours in Hebrew for Israelis to teach about the Bible. She co-leads a fellowship with her husband and teaches on Israel’s feasts internationally. She is recognized with International Journalism status and enjoys writing free-lance about Israel from an informed citizen’s perspective on a variety of subjects connected to the Holy Land.

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