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A new song arises

A prophetic dream

For me it began with a dream. In 2008, I dreamed that I was being led through a big middle school by a group of prominent leaders in the body of Messiah. They brought me into a room where the lights were turned off and told me, “There’s something here you need to see.”

In the classroom they showed me a plush red divan upon which the most gorgeous and resplendent bride I had ever seen was lying; she was wearing an exquisite dress and veil and had professional makeup and expensive jewelry on.

As I gazed at her, I realized that she was dead—she had taken her own life. I couldn’t believe that a bride had taken her own life just moments before her wedding! The leaders told me that “her love had grown cold.”

Gil and Tamar Afriat
Gil and Tamar Afriat

From there they led me into another classroom where the lights were on, and a lot of people were bustling around. I sat down in the back row of desks, and when I looked to my left, there was another bride sitting next to me and smiling at me!

This lovely bride was wearing her wedding dress, but she didn’t have her veil on or seem to be ready to “walk down the aisle” quite yet. But the words “lovely and wholesome” came to my mind as I looked at her.

Just then, at the front of the classroom, someone began singing. I suddenly realized why I was there: I was supposed to sing! I panicked. I barely knew the song because I hadn’t prepared. I began rummaging through a huge purse I had with me that was stuffed with random sheet music, but it was a mess and I could only find one copy of the song.

When my turn came to sing, it was an embarrassing flop. One of the leaders then came up to me and said, “That went poorly. This is the rehearsal, but the wedding is soon!” I woke up from the dream, and the Lord said to me, “The brides are the Body of Messiah.”

I shared the dream with a friend, feeling strongly it was a corporate word, which it was, but she also told me, “Hey, the Lord is telling you that you are called to sing!” A couple weeks later, our pastor, Ari Sorko-Ram, gave an announcement in the congregation that they were looking for new people to join the worship team. That week I joined, knowing that the Lord had called me to it, and that I needed to get organized and practice.

Creating music in Zion to worship our father

Over the last nine years that I’ve been on the worship team of Tiferet Yeshua, there has been much change and growth. In the beginning, the Lord highlighted the need for organization and clear communication (the Holy Spirit flows freely when there is order; disorder hinders the flow of the Spirit).

Then we went through a period of losing musicians and singers. Instead of becoming discouraged, we cried out to God in faith that he would bring us new musicians, singers and sound technicians. Over the past five years he has done just that.

In dealing with a team of worshippers who work, study and raise families full-time, something began to happen naturally which we realized we had to nurture and protect: humility and love. When anyone serves with a powerful anointing and gifting in front of others, there is always the danger for pride and idolatry to slip in unnoticed.

With our team, having five worship leaders who work full-time and are raising families as well, we all realize how much we need and rely on each other to make worship happen each week.

Also, the Lord has brought together a group of people who truly care for and love one another. Since Gil and I began pastoring the worship team, it has been our prayer that, more than anything, the Lord would cause us to grow more in love, humility and holiness, and that the Spirit would lead our worship. We knew that excellence would follow.

Entering into a new realm

Over the last several years, there has been an outpouring of anointed new music and creativity in the Land among the Jewish, Hebrew-speaking believers—something that should come as no surprise: the Hebrew Scriptures give us the most information about worship with the tabernacle of David, the psalmist King of Israel himself.

This new generation is Spirit-filled Hebrew worshippers drawing from deep ancient wells: the result is lifting the fallen tabernacle of David with a new song. Just as the Levites prophesied in song and on their instruments, each week we feel the Spirit meeting us and leading us in a new and deeper way. Each time we are undone by His ever-surprising goodness and what He is doing in us and the rest of the congregation with His loving presence!

Gil and Tamar Afriat are pastors of Congregation Tiferet Yeshua, a Messianic Jewish Hebrew-language congregation in downtown Tel Aviv.

This article originally appeared in Maoz Israel Report, September 2017, and reposted with permission.


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