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It was God’s idea to celebrate

“I had no idea it was his birthday”, said CBN Israel staff member, Arik. “I simply woke up in the morning with *Sam on my mind and I felt the urgency to meet with him that day.”

(Sam is a young man, the son of a single mother,  who has made astounding leaps and bounds in his life since the CBN Israel staff first met him one year ago. You can read his incredible story here.)

Arik had no idea why he felt it was urgent to meet with Sam, but he gave him a call and they arranged to meet in a near by coffee shop later that day. “Order yourself a coffee and some cake”, Arik encouraged Sam. Sam has always been polite and never wants to impose. Growing up in a poor family, he is not accustomed to the luxuries of coffee shops and fine dining. Sam so often declines any offers to enjoy a free treat.

Arik seized the moment to remind Sam that he was valuable to the Lord and that this was opportunity was a gift from Him. “Pretend it’s your birthday”, Arik said. “And take the size coffee according to how much time you desire to meet. If you take a small coffee, we will have a short meeting. If you take a large coffee, we will have a longer meeting. You decide how much time you want.” Sam became excited. “Arik, it IS my birthday today”, he said. “And in all my life, no one has ever celebrated my birthday. So I don’t make a big deal of it either.” Arik and Sam were both in awe of how the Lord had orchestrated for them to celebrate Sam’s life together. In the end, Sam ordered a large coffee and a piece of cake.

Isn’t God amazing? How He cares for us! He is a good, lovingly, heavenly Father who takes such wonderful care for His own.

“Just as a father has compassion on his children, So the LORD has compassion on those who fear Him.”– Psalm 103:13

*Sam’s name has been altered for privacy.

This article originally appeared on CBN Israel, August 29, 2017, and reposted with permission.

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