VIDEO: KNI coverage of Panai el-Adonai: Messianic Concert in Jerusalem, Israel on Sept 26, 2017

A body-wide concert of Israeli Messianic believers was held in Jerusalem on Sept 26, 2017. The event entitled “Panai el-Adonai” (“My face towards the Lord” from Daniel 9:3) brought together the Messianic community to worship and intercede with songs from all over Israel.

Panai el-Adonai took place three days before Yom Kippur. “The motivation for this evening is to come before the Lord in prayer and supplication on behalf of Israel,” Yuval Co-Director Jael Kalisher told KNI. “With all of the songs and prayers taken directly from scripture, our cry to the Lord is in effect echoing back to Him the very desire in his heart from before the foundations of the world”

Kehila News Israel Staff
The Kehila News Staff is a team of Israeli believers in Yeshua.

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