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LISTEN: Lecture – From the Balfour Declaration to the British Mandate

Jonathan Kaplan, vice provost of the Rothberg School at Hebrew University, spoke on how events from the Balfour Declaration to the British Mandate affected the Holy Land.

Part of the 100 Years – 1917-2017 lecture series
How the British came to the Holy Land
and what they did once they got here.

Christ Church Jerusalem
Christ Church is the oldest Protestant Church in the Middle East. It was completed in Jerusalem in 1849 and soon after became known as the "Jewish Protestant Church." Today Christ Church is an evangelical Anglican congregation that worships in our historic church in the Old City of Jerusalem. The congregation, comprised of expatriates who have come to serve in Israel or the West Bank along with local believers (both Jews and Arabs), welcomes visitors and tourists to its worship services. We are an English speaking congregation that appreciates our Jewish roots in a liturgical and historical context.

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