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Pray for Israel’s Ethiopian Congregation

“Helping Ethiopian Jewish youth walk into all that God intends for them.”

Amud HaEsh (Hebrew: “Pillar of Fire”) is the first Hebrew-speaking, Ethiopian community in Jerusalem. Amud HaEsh provides a unique opportunity for Ethiopian believers in Israel to gather together in Jerusalem and stand in solidarity with those in Ethiopia.

Their desire is to help the next generation walk in God’s purposes for them by offering Biblical leadership training, establishing strong families and building Messianic congregations that teach in both Hebrew and Amharic (Ethiopian language).


Approximately 140,000 Ethiopian Jewish people live in Israel today. Massive airlifting of thousands of Jews from Ethiopia took place during Operation Moses in 1985 and with Operation Solomon in 1991. It has not been an easy transition from rural village life in Ethiopia to Israel’s high-tech fast-moving society. Although many second-generation Ethiopian Jewish youth adapt well to Israeli society, far too many young Ethiopian Israelis fall by the wayside.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Amud HaEsh reaches the community through vocational training for men and women, gospel outreach to prisoners, and aims to meet the needs of the homeless and hopeless.


Their vision is to train up the next generation of leaders, to bring revival in the land, and to give hope, guidance and encouragement to young Ethiopian Jews, creating a sustainable life for them and encouraging them to be productive citizens for the land of Israel.



  • Equipping and raising up Ethiopian Jewish youth for leadership.
  • Releasing Ethiopian prisoners from bondage to drugs and alcohol and enabling them to be productive citizens of Israel.
  • Helping single moms and feeding the poor.
  • Guiding children to integrate into Israeli society and disciple them using Kingdom principles.
  • Restoring families through Biblical teaching, training, seminars and conferences.


“I have known Kokeb for over 20 years and I believe that hereally is the man of the hour at this time. Kokep and his ministry will make a deep impact on his own Ethiopian Jewish community.”
Dr. Jennifer Kaplan | Project Sheba Founding Director, Jerusalem, Israel

“Kokep is like a father to the youth and they are in great need of somebody to come around and comfort them as they grow up and face many challenges in Israel.”
Barry Segal | Founder, Vision for Israel, Jerusalem, Israel

“It’s exciting to see Kokep involved in very practical ways to give Ethiopian Jewish youth the skills they need. God is going to do great things through this work.”
Pastor Wayne Hilsden | Founder of FIRM, Jerusalem, Israel

Prayer Points:


  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship Teaching
  • Mentors to Invest in Ethiopian Students
  • Life Skills and Financial Planning Classes
  • Unity Among Congregation
  • Financial Provision for Outreach Efforts


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