Man stabbed in Jerusalem terror attack, fighting for life

A man is fighting for his life in a Jerusalem hospital following the first terror attack to occur in Israel’s capital since the U.S. announcement to recognize the city as capital and move its embassy.

The security guard was stabbed Sunday afternoon by a terrorist wielding a knife at Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station.

According to doctors, he was stabbed in the heart.

“Unfortunately, the knife hit his heart,” said Dr. Ofer Merin, executive director of Shaare Zedek’s Trauma Unit. “His condition has stabilized, but we can’t say his life isn’t in danger at this time.”

Police said the terrorist stabbed a security guard and then fled the scene. Yassin Abu al-Qaraa, a 24-year-old resident of Nablus, was spotted on Jaffa Street and arrested by police.

“For Allah, we must boost Jerusalem’s status, restore religion’s glory and sanctify al-Aqsa, and the blood will flow from us,” he allegedly wrote on Facebook on Saturday.

The stabbing followed a weekend of contained protests in Palestinian towns and Jerusalem, and rocket launches by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Despite the attack today and incendiary headlines in Israeli and international media, as Times of Israel noted, “the pictures seem to tell a different story than the text.”

“As headlines and stories faithfully tally the number of killed and maimed, the rockets fired and rocks thrown, a general picture emerges that things were actually calmer than the doomsday scenarios that had been predicted, with the biggest news coming out of two places that hadn’t even entered people’s consciousness before the weekend: Wadi Ara and Sderot,” the online news site reported.

Rockets mostly hit open areas in Sderot, but one landed on a pre-school that was empty at the time.

A 9-year-old Israeli girl was injured Sunday after Palestinians threw rocks at the car she was in on a West Bank road, Magen David Adom ambulance service said. And during riots in Wadi Ara, a bus driver was injured by stones thrown at his bus.

Also this weekend, the Israel Defense Forces found and destroyed an attack tunnel coming from the southern Gaza Strip that entered Israeli territory, the army announced on Sunday.

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