Believers refreshed at Daughters of Zion: Woman of Hope conference

Believing women from around Israel gathered last month for a women’s conference that inspired hope and peace and, symbolically, took place at Magdala, the archaeological site of believed to be the home town of biblical heroine Mary Magdalene.

The Daughters of Zion: Woman of Hope conference was sponsored by Chaya Mizrachi of the Dugit Outreach Centre in Tel Aviv and Norma Sarvis of Succat Hallel prayer center in Jerusalem. Speakers included Alina Wieja, Keren Silver, Adriana Rosenzvaig and Norma Sarvis. Women shared powerful and inspiring testimonies that pointed to a wonderful and awesome God, who is faithful and true.

“God is raising up an army of women all over the world in order to stand strong,”

“God is raising up an army of women all over the world in order to stand strong,” Rachel from Nazareth told KNI. “Every speaker had a message full of hope, a different story but the same hope. No one is immune to hardships, however, God is a faithful God.”

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Seven women made the trip from Beersheba — a 3.5 hour drive — through pouring rain to join the conference, a treacherous journey they said was well worth it.

“All of the speakers had personal testimonies that centered not only on God’s faithfulness, but also realizing that it’s a decision to stand and be affirmative and proactive in the Lord,” Randi Bass from Nachalat Yeshua congregation told KNI.

Judy McLean, also from Nachalat Yeshua, said she was encouraged by the testimony of one young woman who was diagnosed with cancer and “stood against it in the name of the Lord,” and was miraculously healed.

“What also struck me is that hope is not just wishful thinking, but that it’s founded on promises in the Bible,” she said.

Irit from Holon, said the schedule was intense, but she was blessed nevertheless.

“I realize that I needed this time of fellowship. It prepared me for what I’m going through in my personal life, and it is encouraging to see that not only I go through hard times, but that true hardships are a reality in many women’s lives,” she said.

Mizrachi told KNI that they held this conference in order to unite, encourage and strengthen “the women of Zion, women living in Israel, and to show that we are important to the body of Yeshua (Jesus).”

“One thing I believe touched the most people is that in the beginning three Messianic male pastors prayed a prayer of blessing and support over us which led us into freedom to be women because we knew God had everything in order and in place,” Mizrachi said.

Both Mizrachi and Sarvis agreed that the biggest need among women in the Body of Messiah is time.

“Everyone is so busy with families, children and congregations,” Sarvis said.

Believers from abroad readily supported the conference financially, Mizrachi and Sarvis said.

“We just shared what we are doing and their response was to give,” Sarvis said. “God just knew what we needed.”

They hope to hold another conference next year as well.

Kehila News Israel Staff
The Kehila News Staff is a team of Israeli believers in Yeshua.

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