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LISTEN: Luke 2: Jesus, offering to God

This week Rev. David Pileggi looks at the family of Jesus and the nature of sacrifice. The presentation of Jesus in the temple was a significant event. Jesus was revealed to Israel, and now He is presented in the temple. This passage reminds us that Jesus is a Jew. Some of the leadership may have rejected Him but He did not reject Judaism. This shows up the family in which he was raised. His family loved God and followed His commandments. Mary, His mother was the first disciple, not just in the lending of her womb but in her understanding of the things to come. Joseph was a very compassionate man; he could have put Mary away but did not. Compassion was very characteristic of Jesus’ ministry, his earthly Father setting the example. At the divine visitation Mary’s response was “Yes!” The family went every year to Jerusalem, reflecting their burning love for God. The principle of ‘the first born male belongs to God’ is further established. In giving to God, the nature of sacrifice is costly. “I will not offer to the Lord that which cost me nothing.” This has to be intentional and generally, something that cannot be taken back.

Readings: Malachi 3:1-4, Psalm 84, Luke 2:22-40

David Pileggi
David Pileggi lives in Jerusalem with his wife Carol and their three adult children where he is the rector of Christ Church in the Old City of Jerusalem. They have lived in Israel for 33 years where David has worked as a journalist/researcher and for 19 years was director of a study program dedicated to teaching Christians about the Jewish context of their faith. David has an M.A. from the Hebrew University in Jewish Studies and is a licensed tour guide.

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