VIDEO: ‘Let the little children come to Me’: kids’ worship event in Jerusalem

Kids were jumping, singing, dancing and expressing general excitement.

What looked like a typical children’s party was actually a worship event held specifically for children, hosted by Yuval – Worship Center of Music and the Arts in Jerusalem.

“I had fun! I loved the first song the most,” raved Ida, an 11-year old from Modiin. “I am happy and feel God’s presence in my heart … and the cupcake that I am eating is delicious!”

“I feel that God loves me,” said 6-year-old Aviyah from Raanana after the event last month.

About 100 children arrived with their parents or youth group leaders from all over the country to praise God together in the first gathering of this kind organized by Yuval. Irit Iffert and Jael Kalisher, who run Yuval, were accompanied by a lively team of young adults who led the worship in a particularly cheerful performance and encouraged the children to sing and dance.

“I nearly cried when I saw all the children coming in. Almost 100 children!” Kalisher told KNI. “We achieved our goal if the children can feel God’s love for them.”


KNI managed to catch up with Iffert and Kalisher for a few minutes after the concert.

“The idea of having a worship night for children was formed when we started a worship night for young adults last year, and we understood the importance of allowing people to experience God through worship because that’s where he works,” Iffert said.

Irit Iffert leading children with worship (Photo courtesy)
Irit Iffert leading children with worship (Photo courtesy)

The two had also organized an evening of worship for seniors. They decided to plan one especially for children and have since been asked to organize such an event in northern Israel.

“The biggest challenge in this case was the team, the number of volunteers that is required to organize and execute such an event. We also had to pay for renting the place and the musicians,” Iffert said.

Yuval’s vision is to proclaim the gospel through these events and to open branches all over the country.

So stay tuned to hear about more organized worship events for all ages!

Kehila News Israel Staff
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