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The 3 greatest miracles ever seen

Therefore prophesy and say to them, So says the Lord YHVH: Behold, O My people, I will open your graves and cause you to come up out of your graves, and I will bring you into the land of Israel. And you shall know that I am YHVH when I have opened your graves, O My people, and have brought you up out of your graves. – Ezekiel 37:12-13

It is always good to be reminded of the miracle working power of the God of Israel. So let us look again at the 3 greatest miracles that YHVH has performed over the last 4000 years.

The greatest miracle of all is the resurrection of His Son Yeshua, whose blood seals the New Covenant and makes spending eternity with the Creator of the Universe a possibility for Jew and non-Jew alike. Because of the willingness of the Son of God to become a korban (sacrifice) any sinful human being who accepts the blood of Yeshua passes over from eternal separation from God to eternal life with God.

As we prepare to celebrate the Passover festival this weekend, it is good to be reminded that this miracle was the fulfillment of the 2nd greatest miracle of all time, the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt almost 4000 years ago.

At exactly the same time of the year, Nisan 1, which became the Biblical New Year, the LORD instructed Moses to prepare the Israelites to leave Egypt, where they had been in bondage for 430 years. The Pharoah chose to ignore the warning plagues that God sent upon Egypt and refused to let Israel – the ‘first born son’ go free, resulting in the death of every first born Egyptian male, including Pharoah’s own son, who was destined to become the King of Egypt one day. For a short time the Pharoah relented and he gave Moses permission to lead the Israelites out. As the tribes of Israel waited at the shores of the Red Sea, the Pharoah changed his mind again, and personally led his army out to bring the Israelites back.

This is when the 3rd greatest miracle of all time took place. With the Egyptian army rapidly approaching and the Red Sea blocking their way, the Israelites needed an urgent miracle. As Moses exercised his trust and faith in the Holy One of Israel, the miracle happened. A supernatural wind arose, parting the waters, allowing the Israelites to move forward towards their freedom. As the last one reached the other side, the wind ceased and the waters came crashing down on the Egyptian chariots totally destroying Pharoah’s army. Now, but too late, he knew the power of the God of Israel. This is the miracle that the Jewish people have celebrated every year at this time, since the event occurred. Today Messianic Jews, and a growing number of Christians recognise the fact that the events of the Exodus are an exact foreshadow of the Passion Week leading to the death and the resurrection of Yeshua, which sets us free from bondage to sin.

The 2nd greatest miracle, parallel to the Exodus from Egypt, began on May 14, 1948 and is still taking place today. Most Jewish people do not see it, most Christians do not see it, and the secular world definitely does not see it, but the ongoing restoration of Israel is indeed an amazing miracle.

In fact it is not restoration, but it is resurrection. A mere 70 years ago Israel was just desert and swamp, but today Israel exports miraculous amounts of wonderful tasting produce to many parts of the world, and 6.5 million ‘Dry Bones’ of Ezekiel 36 now live in Israel. A ‘dead’ land and a ‘dead’ people have come back to life, and the resurrection process continues. Israel continues to increase the blessings it brings to the nations and approximately 1000 new ‘Dry Bones’ come back to Israel every month. Never before in the history of the world has an exiled ‘dead’ nation been resurrected back to life, making this the greatest miracle since the resurrection of the Son of God.

Yes I know that I have written these things many times before, but it is what I hear the LORD telling me to do. It is imperative at this strategic time, that as many Believers as possible, have a Holy Spirit revelation of the supernatural, ongoing miracle of Israel’s resurrection. Why is this so imperative?

1. So that there will be a massive increase in the level of Christian prayer for the Jewish people – that they will see that the existence of modern Israel can only be a miracle performed by their God, and that the millions of Jews who are still in exile in the nations will return home, and that they will have a revelation that Yeshua is their long awaited Messiah.

2. So that the millions of Christians who are deceived and trapped by the lie of Replacement Theology, will also see the resurrection of Israel can only be a miracle performed by the God of the Bible, and that they will be added to the number of Christians praying for Israel and the Jewish people.

3. So that there will be a massive increase in the number of Christians praying for the people in the world who do not even believe in the existence of God, that they will recognise the miracle of Israel and from seeing that they will know that YHVH is God. (Ezekiel 36:23). We read in Psalm 126:1-2 When the LORD restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dream. Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The LORD has done great things for them.” Currently most nations are not saying that, in fact most are acting against the continuing resurrection miracle, so we need to pray that this prophetic word comes to pass and the nations will see the 2nd greatest miracle of all time.

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion, March 30, 2018, and reposted with permission.

David Silver
David together with his wife, Josie, founded Out of Zion Ministries, whose mission is to fulfill God’s call on Israel as His ‘Chosen Nation’ to be a light to the Nations as well as to encourage the Church to fulfill God’s call to the Gentiles to assist in the spiritual ingathering of the Jewish people.

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