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Netanyahu defends “most moral army in the world”

Hamas leadership took to meeting with demonstrators and rioters on the Gaza border on Sunday, calling on the Palestinians to increase their efforts against the “Zionist enemy”.

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar visited protestors and rioters in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, giving a speech in which he called on rioters to continue their demonstrations. He stated “We have come here to say that Hamas is not sitting in palaces or in tunnels, we have come to say that we are with you. We are here to remind that there is no peace with the enemy and any attempt or plan will not compel us to make peace with them.”

He used Gaza’s humanitarian crisis to fuel the crowd, stating “The unemployed who do not have work in Gaza have found work at your borders to burn your equipment and shoot you from a distance.”

Hamas’s former leader Ismail Haniyeh also visited the border fence Sunday, warning that there is “more in stock” for the Zionist enemy. He stated “The children of Palestine and Gaza, who bravely challenged the Israeli military, relayed a message to the world that the Palestinians can’t be defeated and are determined to achieve the right of return and end the blockade on the Gaza Strip. We will not recognize the legitimacy of the occupation and we will not surrender in the face of the siege. Our people are capable of defending themselves.”

Haniyeh added “In the past, the enemy was used to rockets being launched from the Gaza Strip. But this time Gaza surprised Israel with something new, and there’s more in stock.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the IDF of a massacre over the weekend, referring to Prime Minister Netanyahu as a terrorist and occupier. Erdogan stated, “I strongly condemn the Israeli government over its inhumane attack… Netanyahu, you are an occupier. And it is as an occupier that you are on those lands. At the same time, you are a terrorist. What you do to the oppressed Palestinians will be part of history and we will never forget it…”

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to Erdogan, stating “The most moral army in the world will not be lectured by those who have indiscriminately bombed civilian populations for years. Apparently this is how April Fool’s Day is celebrated in Ankara… Someone who occupies northern Cyprus, invades the Kurdish regions, and slaughters civilians in Afrin should not preach to us about values and ethics.”

Over 30,000 Palestinians from Gaza gathered on the border with Israel as part of its “March of Return”. Protests led to riots and clashes with IDF soldiers, including 16 deaths. The IDF confirmed that 10 of the 16 Palestinians killed were part of terrorist organizations.

The United Nations Security Council took to holding an emergency session on Passover, despite requests from both the United States and Israel to wait given the holiday. It attempted to release a statement calling on Israel to practice restraint  and to allow for “demonstrations and protests” while also calling for an “independent” investigation of the IDF and its actions. The United States blocked the statement with its veto power.

This article originally appeared on Behold Israel, April 2, 2018, and reposted with permission.

Amir Tsarfati
Amir is the founder of Behold Israel and lives in northern Israel. He has been invited to churches, prophecy seminars and conferences around the world, to teach on current events in Israel in light of Bible prophecy. Since 2004, Amir has been consultant to various law enforcement agencies and seminars on homeland-security issues.

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