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Netanyahu and Trump held conversation on Iran and regional developments

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with President Trump on Tuesday, their conversation centered on “regional developments and Iran”.

The office of the prime minister confirmed on Wednesday that Netanyahu “spoke yesterday with President Donald Trump about regional developments and Iran. Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked President Trump for his commitment to Israel’s security and America’s support for Israel at the United Nations. The two leaders agreed to continue the close coordination between the two states in order to repel Iran’s aggression and its attempts to destabilize the region.”

Netanyahu thanked President Trump “for his commitment to Israel’s security and America’s support for Israel at the United Nations.”

Around the same time, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani condemned the United States’ “authority” in Syria while accusing Israel of violating Syria’s sovereignty and supporting terrorism. Rouhani claimed “There’s interference from Zionist forces in Syria which has increased problems. They don’t respect Syrian national sovereignty. They bomb areas in Syria. They support terrorists. These are all issues which have increased Syria’s problems.”

Rouhani will meet with his Russian and Turkish counterparts in Ankara on Wednesday for an additional summit centered on Syria.

This article originally appeared on Behold Israel, April 4, 2018, and reposted with permission.

Amir Tsarfati
Amir is the founder of Behold Israel and lives in northern Israel. He has been invited to churches, prophecy seminars and conferences around the world, to teach on current events in Israel in light of Bible prophecy. Since 2004, Amir has been consultant to various law enforcement agencies and seminars on homeland-security issues.

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