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Israel – the 4000-year saga continues

May all who hate Zion be put to shame and turned backward! Let them be like the grass on the housetops, which withers before it grows up. – Psalm 129:5-6

As the Jewish world prepared to celebrate the Exodus of their ancestors from Egypt almost 4000 years ago last Friday afternoon, about 30,000 Gazans, seething with an ancient hatred of their Jewish neighbours and cousins, gathered at various locations along the Israel – Gaza border, to begin 6 weeks of ‘peaceful’ demonstrations against the fact the they are not able to enter Israel, and against the planned relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem on May 14th. If you saw news footage of the demonstrations, you will have seen that it was not a ‘peaceful’ event, but a near riot by a tyre burning, rock throwing rabble of brainwashed, hate filled Muslims.

Nothing has changed over the last 4000 years when it comes to Israel and the Jewish people. There is always someone who the Devil influences to carry out his plan to destroy the people of God. Those who make themselves the enemies of Israel are really opposing the Creator of the Universe, and they always pay the same price – the destruction that they plan for Israel, falls back on them. It would be very wise for the Muslims and others who see the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people to consider the fate of the Pharoah’s army, and the words of Pharoah (in the Ten Commandments) when he finally realised the truth after the death of all the first-born of Egypt, and the total destruction of his army. In a state of crushing defeat the Pharoah said “the God of Moses is God.”

As the saga of Satan’s desperation to destroy the Jewish people moved into the 21st century, he gained a new and powerful weapon – the news media. Hitler’s Nazis used the much less equipped media of their time to fuel the hatred of the Jewish people that fed the flames of the Holocaust. Today’s hi-tech media is exponentially more powerful and impactive when it comes to deceiving and manipulating the way the general population thinks about the key issues facing the world today, Israel being the perfect example. As Hamas must have planned for, the news media parroted their claims of ‘peaceful demonstrations’ and almost immediately began to make it look like Israel was using excessive force against the ‘peaceful demonstators.” And of course the UN and numerous world leaders rebuke Israel and say nothing about the terrorists who created the situation.

The true situation is that the majority of the people killed and injured are known terrorists who were not demonstrating peacefully, but shooting or launching projectiles at IDF soldiers and attempting to break through the security fence. Watching the chaos at the Gaza border, we must ask the question “what do they really want”? They have their own ethnically cleansed territory, where not one Jewish soldier or civilian is allowed to enter. If they leave Israel alone, Israel leaves them alone. Many nations send large amounts of money and supplies into Gaza, but most of that is take and misappropriated by Hamas. So what are they really demonstrating for? You will read the answer in news item # 2 – The leader of Hamas openly stated that the goal is that all of ‘Palestine’ will be theirs.

The Israeli government tries hard to get the truth out in defense of its actions, but it is like pushing against a tsunami wave. Israel needs as many ambassadors as possible to stand in solidarity with our tiny nation. As the majority of the world falls for the lies of the Devil and is unknowingly serving his scheme to destroy Israel in the hope of stopping the return of Messiah Yeshua, you can make a difference. May the LORD bless you and your families as you bless Israel, by standing with us and speaking up to defend Israel when you hear others spreading the lies they have heard through the media. If your congregation does not have an exisiting prayer for Israel group, may I encourage you to seek the LORD in prayer as to whether you should begin a small group to pray for Israel. Josie and I can assist you with prayer points and other information.

Yes the 4000 year old saga continues, but we know that YHVH will have the victory in the end which is getting very close, and will come even quicker, as the Body of Messiah rises up to pray (2 Peter 3:12).

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries, April 6, 2018, and reposted with permission.

David Silver
David together with his wife, Josie, founded Out of Zion Ministries, whose mission is to fulfill God’s call on Israel as His ‘Chosen Nation’ to be a light to the Nations as well as to encourage the Church to fulfill God’s call to the Gentiles to assist in the spiritual ingathering of the Jewish people.

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