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Fellowship of Christian Students in Israel announce new leadership

The Fellowship of Christian Students in Israel is proud to announce that Rasha Saba has been chosen as the organization’s next General Secretary.

The FCSI would like to express its heartfelt thanks to Zaher Haddad, who has filled this role over the past 16 years, leading our organization to great success in ministry, support, guidance, and strengthening generations of believing students from the different sectors in the Land.

Zaher has served with the FCSI in Israel since 1991 as a student, student committee member, and as General Secretary. During these years the organization grew and developed, the number of students participating in the organization’s activities grew, and new student groups were formed on the different campuses in Israel.

Zaher is a living example of a servant leader: loving, faithful, and fair.

Zaher Haddad, outgoing FCSI General Secretary
Zaher Haddad, outgoing FCSI General Secretary

Rasha Saba was chosen from among various applicants for this position after an open job posting was published throughout the Body of Messiah in Israel. She has worked with the organization for the last five years among Arabic-speaking students and as the training coordinator.

During these years, she distinguished herself in her work, being the first to hold this position. Rasha is a well-known and respected figure among the Arabic-speaking congregations, as well as within the worldwide student organization IFES.

Rasha left behind a promising career in occupational therapy when she came to work for the FCSI, due to the personal calling she felt from the Lord. She possesses a Master’s degree in counseling and group facilitation and has received much relevant training for her position that will greatly contribute to her successful performance.

We thank the Lord for providing a worker such as this. We are confident that she will take the organization forward in her new role as the General Secretary, beginning June 1.

FCSI Staff
FCSI is a ministry that was started in 1980 to be a light and salt in campuses and to more than 320,000 students in Israel. FCSI activities include Bible studies on campuses across the country and conferences that focus on training, evangelism and networking.

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