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The battle for language

The British Health Services have issued a dictate to not call pregnant women “expectant mothers” since the pregnant person might identify as a male. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that a girl who thinks she is a boy was admitted into the Boy Scouts. What is going on?

We See Reality through Language

While studying philosophy and theology at Wheaton College, then Trinity and McCormick, I came to some conclusions that were highly significant for me. I was taught that the language we use determines how we see reality. Language both reveals and hides reality. Contrary to philosophical relativism that denies there is any real objective truth, I saw the issue as the quest for the right language to reveal the most about reality. I came to understand that we must see through the language of the Bible. The only way to see rightly is to have our minds saturated by the Bible and to view reality through it. The Bible is God’s means for us to see rightly. There is a reason Yeshua himself is called the Word!

Who Controls the Language?

We are now living in an age where the radical left exemplifies the view of John Paul Sartre, and the most radical post-modernism that followed him. He taught that there is no such thing as human nature, and that there is radical freedom for humans to define themselves and choose to be whatever they desire to be. Of course language is a critical element in this process of definition. Indeed, those who are able to gain control of the language in a society can redefine words, demand language conformity and gradually restructure society. In many ways, this is what is happening today.

Biology and Male and Female

The biological aspects of male and female seem obvious, and our conclusions from this should be common sense. One woman said of males who claim to be female: “They can never have the experience of females: to have a period, to bear babies, to give birth, to nurse, to experience menopause.” So what is the answer for those who want to define gender by feelings and desires (which can change)? It is to say that a man can bear babies. This was the Obama regulation for the US Army – to accommodate pregnant “men” in the men’s housing! President Trump rescinded this.

This seems like total craziness to us because we use the language that, until recently, was normal in our societies. Even without Biblical language, all societies by intuition and experience have distinguished between male and female. But this now has come to be opposed by the radical thought police in our societies in the West. We are not to call boys and men “he”, and girls and women “she”.

In my book Mutual Blessing,1 I argue that distinctions are a necessary foundation of mutual blessing. God’s creation order includes distinctions between male and female, animals and humans, plants and animals, and God and humankind so as to enable an order of interdependence for mutual blessing. The Devil hates this order and is out to destroy any sense of God’s design. Whether through communism or politically correct nostrums, the goal is what I call leveling – where everything goes toward nothingness, and there is no creation order at all.

I don’t think most believers have a clue as to the battle they face. One of our young people in a prestigious American college in the Northeast has had to go through sessions of indoctrination to use language that is gender neutral and to embrace LGBT people.

We really have to create an alternative culture and education, and from this base invade the culture and fight the battle for language. This will require great prayer, evangelism and revival.

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This article originally appeared in Israel’s Restoration newsletter, May 2018, and reposted with permission.

Daniel Juster
Dr. Daniel Juster, founder and director of Tikkun International, has been involved in the Messianic Jewish movement since 1972 and currently resides in Jerusalem, Israel, from where he serves and supports the Messianic movement worldwide. Dan was the founding president and general secretary of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations for 9 years, the senior pastor of Beth Messiah congregation for 22 years, and a co-founder of the Messiah Bible Institute in several nations. Dr. Juster serves on the board of Towards Jerusalem Council II, provides oversight to 15 congregations in the USA as well as overseeing emissaries in Israel and the Former Soviet Union. Daniel has authored about 20 books on topics ranging from theology, Israel and the Jewish people, eschatology, discipleship, and leadership.

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