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International worship, dance mark Shavuot gathering of Israeli believers

While the memory is still fresh, it is a pleasure for me to reminisce about the congregational Shavuot Celebration that took place at the moshav Yad HaShmona near Jerusalem this May.

I purposely use the word “congregational” because the pleasant day and the joyful atmosphere were marked by sincere, exuberant worship and dancing dedicated to the one and only God that we – from multiple congregations – have in common.

We were believers from all over the country, from the North (in the Golan Heights) to the South (in Arad), and though we attend different fellowships we all serve the same God daily in our own lives, families and congregations.

My husband and I came along with our young children and a person with special needs, which added extra meaning to this day. We arrived in time for the afternoon session which was rich with dynamic worship, folk dancing and more.

Diverse groups from all over the world – from Hawaii to Korea – presented powerful, authentic, instrumental worship and Holy Spirit filled songs that touched those present. 

shavuot 1

This was also a great opportunity to meet believers from all over the country and to invest quality time in people we know or get to know as we praise our Lord together.

Thumbs up for the organizers of this annual event! It enables us to step out of our comfort zone and to get to know others. It was amazing to experience the day together with people from around the nation under open skies.

There are activities for children of all ages. HaChotam holds a Bible quiz for children. I wandered through the “market” replete with attractive stands from book publishers such as HaGefen and Israel Bible Society. Others sold beautiful floral wreaths special to Shavuot and handcrafts. I enjoyed an ice cream and good conversations with people I hadn’t seen for a long time.

What made this annual gathering extra special this year? I felt that the dynamic international performances in worship and dance made this day unique. For Israeli believers who focus mainly on matters in our own country, I believe it is a must to experience how our brothers and sisters from abroad worship the same King through their unique hymns, praise, dance and instruments.

I call on all believers in Israel to set aside this day next year, Shavuot 2019, and to encourage other members of their congregations to join as well.

Next year in … Yad HaShmona?

shavuot 2

Irma van de Visch
Irma van de Visch is married and mother of 2 young children. Podiatrist, owner of two foot clinics, certified English remedial teacher, student, and inspirator.

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