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PRAYER ALERT: Kite terrorism from Gaza causing fires in Israel

Kite terrorism refers to Gaza’s “peaceful” Arab rioters using kites and helium balloons to carry incendiaries and gasoline bombs into Israel. Since April, Palestinian kite terrorists have set more than 400 fires, destroying over 6,000 acres of farming land, forests and nature reserves, and causing an estimated $1.4 million in damages. The Carmia nature reserve has been particularly hard hit, with one-third of the reserve destroyed by fire.

Please prayer and intercede for the following:

  1. for IDF soldiers that face confrontations at the Gaza border to be alert and effective to prevent any breach of the border fence.
  2. to disable the spirit of murder behind kite terrorism and the so called “peace protests”.
  3. for the IDF to devise technologies and strategies to combat kite terrorism. Approximately 500 incendiary-laden kites and balloons have been intercepted by specialized drones.
  4. for strength and alertness for those working in the fire services who are stretched to breaking point.
  5. for protection of communities living near the border and their farmland/properties from harm and destruction.
  6. for untruthful and distorted media coverage to be exposed and marginalized.

Mayim Chayim is an intercessor and guest contributor to

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