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How I find beauty and truth

Welcome to the inaugural episode of my new podcast, Beauty. Truth. I created a space where I can talk about what I’m really about – the lifelong pursuit of beauty and truth. Here I share my process of finding beauty and truth, of creating beauty and truth, and some of the beauty and truth that I found and created. Sound simple enough? And it’s all brought to you by my music project, Har Adonai.

This episode talks about:

  • Why the film “American Beauty” presents a twisted idea of what beauty really is.
  • How a cloud formation taught me about the need for truth in beauty.
  • Why I don’t listen to my favorite song anymore.
  • The importance of art that you can wholly embrace.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Adam Rosenfeld
Hi, I’m Adam. As a father of 8, I’m passionate about helping parents be more productive. Visit my blog to get free resources to help you get things done (with kids).

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