Aaron Hecht

Aaron is a member of Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption. Aaron is a member of Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption.

Pray for the mayor of Jerusalem. And Haifa, Tel Aviv, etc.

Aaron writes, "Local officials like mayors can make life really difficult for our Believing brothers and sisters, or they can do the opposite."

Some thoughts on marijuana from a Biblical perspective

Aaron writes, "Marijuana was in the news recently because Canada legalized recreational use of this substance. People around the world who use it erupted in celebration, expressing hope that their own country will follow Canada’s lead."

How to be a ‘cheerful giver’

Aaron writes, "If the entire Body of Christ worldwide tithed the Biblically indicated amount of 10% of their income, the total would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 Billion US dollars annually."

Satan – The father of lies

Aaron writes, "In John 8:44 Jesus calls Satan “a liar and the father of lies” and it’s helpful to look around at our world to see where examples of his handiwork can be observed."

When the mighty are fallen

Aaron writes, "This final “fall” of the Babylonian system has been pre-figured several times in history by the “fall” or socio-political dissolution of great empires and nation-states. "

Some thoughts on the Roman Catholic Church

Aaron writes, "Most of the people living in this world have only the vaguest idea about the meaning of the words “Catholic” “Protestant” and “Orthodox” much less the different denominations, doctrinal positions, etc. within these sub-groups of Christianity."

The OTHER trinity

Aaron writes, "What I want to talk about in this blog is the OTHER trinity, which consists of the three different roles Jesus Christ fulfils in His Father’s kingdom. These three roles are as a prophet, a priest and a king."

Some thoughts on winning and losing

Aaron writes, "The end of this Age is at the doorstep and time is DESPERATELY short. Very, VERY soon, you and I will be standing before our King, giving an account for what we did with the time, talents and energy He gave us during our sojourn in this mortal life."

Signs of the times indeed

Aaron writes, "Two large trends can be observed, a small but growing area of the planet’s surface where it is no longer possible for human beings to live and an ever growing number of people who have to live somewhere."

A different type of “Replacement Theology”

Aaron writes, "The Rabbis have “replaced” Jesus in Isaiah 53 with themselves. So what, he asked, was the difference if some Christians “replace” the Jewish People with themselves in NT passages that refer to Israel?"