Aaron Hecht

Aaron is a member of Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption. Aaron is a member of Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption.

Pray for the children of Israel

Aaron writes, "Purim is upon us and with it comes a lot of mixed emotions for me personally."

The secret for success of the Jerusalem Lions

Aaron writes, "What makes the Lions so special, and so successful, can be stated in one word, “love”, kind of like what someone once said Believers should have for each other (John 13:34-35)."

A prayer request for Israel’s upcoming elections

Aaron writes, "I’m asking you to pray for an issue to become important in this election which so far is being largely ignored by nearly everyone running."

An open letter to the ‘nones’

Aaron writes, "If you are reading this and you’re a “none” or if you’re considering becoming one, or if you know someone who is and you’re trying to counsel them, I offer the following thoughts for your consideration."

Some thoughts on Jewish assimilation

Aaron writes, "A brother said to me that although “Torah observance” is not necessary for salvation, it is God’s plan for Jewish Believers (although not necessarily Gentiles) to preserve us as a special people set apart for a special purpose."

Some thoughts on persecution

Aaron writes, "Human nature is such that most people don’t place much value on something that doesn’t cost anything, even if it’s priceless."

It’s not a sin, but…

Aaron writes, "In my humble opinion/observation Torah observance is not a sin for Believers in Jesus, but it often leads to a very serious sin, the sin of pride."

Give your children happy memories

Aaron writes, "In fact, the first is a pre-requisite for the second, and therefore giving my children happy memories isn’t just a good idea I heard from my mom, it’s a Biblical command."

New Year’s resolutions worth making

Aaron writes, "There’s two resolutions I’d like to suggest that we all make in the new calendar year, the first being to spend more time becoming familiar with the Word of God and the second to becoming more physically healthy and fit."

Calling Jonathan Edwards

Aaron writes, "The Age of Grace is rapidly coming to an end and the time before our Lord Jesus Christ returns to this Earth, at which point it will be too late for anyone who has not yet accepted the Gospel, is imminent."