Aaron Hecht

Aaron is a member of Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption. Aaron is a member of Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption.

Some thoughts on the Roman Catholic Church

Aaron writes, "Most of the people living in this world have only the vaguest idea about the meaning of the words “Catholic” “Protestant” and “Orthodox” much less the different denominations, doctrinal positions, etc. within these sub-groups of Christianity."

The OTHER trinity

Aaron writes, "What I want to talk about in this blog is the OTHER trinity, which consists of the three different roles Jesus Christ fulfils in His Father’s kingdom. These three roles are as a prophet, a priest and a king."

Some thoughts on winning and losing

Aaron writes, "The end of this Age is at the doorstep and time is DESPERATELY short. Very, VERY soon, you and I will be standing before our King, giving an account for what we did with the time, talents and energy He gave us during our sojourn in this mortal life."

Signs of the times indeed

Aaron writes, "Two large trends can be observed, a small but growing area of the planet’s surface where it is no longer possible for human beings to live and an ever growing number of people who have to live somewhere."

A different type of “Replacement Theology”

Aaron writes, "The Rabbis have “replaced” Jesus in Isaiah 53 with themselves. So what, he asked, was the difference if some Christians “replace” the Jewish People with themselves in NT passages that refer to Israel?"

A tipping point, and a moment of truth

Aaron writes, "A corner has been turned, and the historic trajectory of this country has been altered. There certainly is an opportunity here, and frankly I think it’s a door being opened by God Himself."

Graduation Day

Aaron writes, "One of the chief reasons the Church of Jesus Christ is so ineffective in much of the world is that it has become a place where most of the people in it stay in spiritual pre-school, or at most kindergarten, all their lives."

Why would you worship a God like that?

Aaron writes, "When the ancient Israelites turned from following Yahweh and instead worshipped idols, it probably didn’t happen quickly and the people who turned to worship idols probably didn’t think they were forsaking the God of their fathers."

What are you praying for when you pray for Israel?

Aaron writes, "Are you praying for the protection of Israeli soldiers? Are you praying for “wisdom for Israeli politicians” so they won’t make any decisions you don’t think God would want them to make?"

Some thoughts on Armageddon

Aaron writes, "The right thing can be discredited by people doing it for the wrong reasons, to the point where even people doing the right thing for the RIGHT reasons end up looking bad."