Aaron Hecht

Aaron is a member of Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption. Aaron is a member of Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption.

NFL players visit Israel and draw closer to the Lord

Aaron writes, "In the natural, the trip appears to have been a failure, if not a fiasco. But the five NFL players and their friends and family who accompanied them on this visit clearly got closer to the Lord, and maybe that’s all God wanted to accomplish."

New book published by Pastor Meno Kalisher

Pastor Meno Kalisher, who leads the Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption congregation in Israel’s capital city, recently published a book entitled “Do! Applying the Epistle of James.”

When was the last time you prayed for the garbage collectors?

Aaron writes, "The strike only lasted three days and it ended with none of the parties getting what they wanted. But what it meant for me and most of the other residents of Israel’s capital city was, in a word, suffering."

What can we do to escape the flames?

Aaron writes, "Imagine you’re standing on the banks of a great river. It’s about 2 kilometers across and in the middle, about 300 meters in from the shore on both sides, there’s a current that runs at about 80 kph."

What being a father has taught me about God (Part 2)

Aaron writes, "I realized that I was making the same mistakes with my sons that my father had made with me, and I had to stop and think and pray about it. What I believe God was teaching me through these experiences was this."

You should still let America go

Aaron writes, "America likely will resume its traditional role as Israel’s best friend and closest ally following the inauguration of Donald Trump in a few days, but it will do so with drastically reduced capacity to act, regardless of intent."

Why I am not worried about the UN’s hatred of Israel

Aaron writes, "We know how the movie ends and we’ve been told what part we’re supposed to play in it, so although we must react to the raging against this country at the UN, etc. reacting in fear, anger or despair is un-Biblical and also a waste of time."

What I learned from the 2016 “Christmas Wars”

Aaron writes, "The people who were most adamant in their denunciations of Christmas and anyone who has anything good to say about it are really not against Christmas. That’s just a symptom of a much deeper pathology."

A great idea to bless the lives of those you love

Aaron writes, "Allow me to tell you a short story. Many years ago I stumbled into an extremely uncomfortable and unhappy situation... but God set up circumstances which led me to one of the greatest long-term blessings of my life."

Feedback on Christmas, Jesus, Lucifer and the Bible

Aaron writes, "As I knew it would, my previous blog post "Some thoughts on Christmas, Jesus, Lucifer and the Bible” generated a great deal of feedback... There was, however, a third category of feedback featuring some serious and respectful engagement in the issues I raised..."

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