Ariel Blumenthal

Ariel Blumenthal

3 principles of Biblical leadership from 1 Peter 5

Ariel writes, "In John 21:15-17, the resurrected Yeshua commands Peter 3 times: “Tend my lambs… shepherd my sheep…. tend my sheep.” Peter was a bold, strong man destined to be a great leader of God’s people."

One new man: The mystery of Messiah

Ariel writes, "Paul concludes his teaching of the One New Man in the first 6 verses of Ephesians chapter 3. He calls it a 'mystery'...”

VIDEO: Who is Israel

Ariel answers the question that's been discussed since the time of the first believers - "Who is Israel?"

What are Jewish/Hebrew Roots? (Part 3)

Ariel writes, "In Parts 1 and 2 we defined this root that Paul is discussing in Romans 11. You probably noticed that this definition is a combination of 3 of the 4 traditional definitions given in church history..."

What are Jewish/Hebrew Roots? (Part 2)

Ariel writes, "On the surface, the second metaphor of roots and branches looks similar to the first, but its emphasis is actually quite different..."

What are Jewish/Hebrew Roots?

Ariel writes, "In this article (and the following 2 parts), we want to take a close look at the “Roots” teaching, which is most often based on the Scripture which speaks most clearly of a Jewish root– the olive tree of Romans 11:16-24."

VIDEO: The Chinese are coming

Ariel shares on the ongoing revival in China and the movement to return with the gospel through the Middle East to Jerusalem.

VIDEO: The Two Great Conditions for Yeshua’s Return

In this message (with translation to Mandarin Chinese) Ariel Blumenthal teaches about how huge advances in world missions over the last century are linked to the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel—together leading up to the “fullness of the nations, the salvation of Israel, and the 2nd Coming of Yeshua.” …

The End Times Reconciliation of the World

Ariel writes, "The Bible has a lot to say about the Resurrection from the dead—both Yeshua’s and ours at the end of the age. What could possibly be compared to this incredible hope, this awesome power that is at the core of our faith? What would it mean to say that something is actually like the resurrection from the dead?"

How to Connect with Israel – Part III

Ariel writes, "First, if we are looking for a fullness of connection, a full “grafting in,” then this should naturally be made with an “Israel” which satisfies all three Biblical parameters."