Caspari Staff


Seven years of teacher’s training in Haifa

"Our primary goal was to offer training to teachers from the north of Israel, and the Russian language was initially chosen due to the abundance of Russian-speaking congregations in the region."

Discovering Jesus in His Jewish Context

Are you a theologian? A pastor? Are you involved in missions or ministry or perhaps just interested in learning about what it was like...

“As birds flying…”

Standing back to get a bird’s eye view of history through the lens of bible believers, we find many important landmarks in the calendar...

How Jewish was the early Church?

Knut writes, "Today we speak of Judaism and Christianity as two separate and distinct religions. It is true that the Messianic movement challenges this distinction by reconciling faith in Yeshua with Jewish identity..."

Yom Kippur and Jesus’ sacrifice

"Some have wondered why, if Jesus’ life was a perfect sacrifice, Jesus didn’t die on Yom Kippur instead of Passover."

“His name is John”

"John’s name in Hebrew is Yochanan, which means YHWH is gracious. John’s testimony of his cousin, the Son of God, whose grace brings salvation or circumcision of the heart to all who receive Him..."

Excerpt from Forgiveness Brochure

"Having realized the magnitude of our debt, we can better appreciate God’s mercy. As those who have received such great mercy, it should be natural for us to forgive our own debtors whose debts are, according to Jesus’ parable, very small compared to what we have been forgiven."

How has the image of Messianic Jews in Israel changed in the last 37...

Lea writes, "Not a few Messianic Jews in Israel today have encountered discrimination and injustice from individuals in society, the media, or the government. For this article, Israeli newspaper articles from 1979 until 2016 were analyzed with the focus on the depiction of believers in the media."

Once a slave

"As Messianic Jews, at Passover, we also remember the Exodus accomplished by the Messiah in Jerusalem at this Passover season, around 33 A.D."

Dominus Flevit: A reminder God collects our tears and remembers us

"On the Mount of Olives, there is a small chapel built as a memorial to the time when Jesus wept over Jerusalem (Luke 19:41-44)...It is shaped like a teardrop to symbolize the tears Jesus shed."