Charles Gardner


A Messianic Testimony From Galilee

A Polish Jew with blond hair and blue eyes, many of his ancestors perished in the Holocaust but his grandmother survived Auschwitz and the family moved to Israel. However, they subsequently emigrated to Toronto in Canada, where his father married a Gentile convert to Judaism and then made Aliyah to Israel, working for a Christian hi-tech company in Tiberias and becoming a secret Messianic Jew.

British Labour Party Rocked by Nazi Row

Charles Gardner writes that some 120 years after Herzl's campaign to establish a Jewish national home got off the ground, anti-Semitism is still rife in Europe’s corridors of power. Britain’s Labour Party is reeling from the shockwaves of anti-Jewish feeling by some of its leading figures.

The Miracle of Passover

Charles Gardner writes: "Israel’s plight of being hemmed in on all sides by mortal enemies seems a particularly pitiful one. But it’s the best possible place for them to be, as the miracle of the first Passover reminds us."

Purim’s Passover Lamb!

Israel is celebrating Purim. Charles Gardner says: "But now we have someone even greater than Queen Esther – the King of Israel, Yeshua HaMashiach – who has already come to their rescue."

Churches Under a Curse

‘Boycott Israel’ denominations are seeing a rapid decline in numbers, as they take aim at the Jewish state.

The Costly Path of Discipleship in Israel

Charles Gardner's reviews "What is God doing in Israel?," by British author-journalist Julia Fisher. The book is a gripping account of the lives of individual Jews and Arabs who have had a supernatural encounter with Yeshua.