Charles Gardner


Holocaust – ‘atheists at the heart of the problem’

Charles Gardner writes "that the poisonous view that God does not exist naturally leads to godless behaviour and thought, . . ."

COMMENTARY: Jesus Unveiled!

Charles Gardner deals with the issue of Joseph, as a type of the future Messiah, . . .

UK Christians Rally Behind Israel

UK Christians who can see what is happening are trying to draw the attention of a generally uncaring public to the plight of Jews everywhere. One such event will be held on January 24 at a Sheffield church and . . .

The Light of Israel Will Not Go Out!

The spirit of Antiochus lives on as enemies from the same region are still bent on Israel’s destruction. There is a network of terror groups all with the same aim – to wipe out Israel.

‘Judas’ Betrayal Led to Massacre – Claim

new book claims. Charles Gardner's report on a new book, "A Breach in the Wall," which relates how the Norwegian Labour Party, once Israel’s greatest friend, had turned Judas by betraying them into the trap of the Oslo Accords which gave them over 20 years of terror instead of the promised ‘land for peace’.

Russian alliance places Israel in peril

The peril in which Israel has been placed by Russia’s new Middle Eastern alliances was highlighted at a London conference held in the shadow of the UK Parliament.

God of Truth Will Slay Israel’s Enemies

The entire scenario in the Middle East needs to be seen through a biblical lens. We should be in no doubt that this is a battle for truth more than anything else; it is not just a physical reality, but a spiritual certainty.

COMMENTARY: Flying Hero Falls From a Dizzy Height

A commentary on what happened to Charles Lindbergh, and other individuals and nations who took sides against the Jews. Part of the ongoing problem with the West, especially as it affects Israel, is that the church needs to wake up

Stealing God’s Best Treasures

Today, Israel, and Jewish people the world over, are as vulnerable as they were under the Nazis. Even in their own homeland where they had hoped to live in peace and safety, they are threatened by enemies looking to wipe them off the face of the earth!

COMMENTARY: A Time to Mourn and a Time to Dance

Black clouds of impending doom are swooping down upon us all, and especially on God’s ancient people, but the rainbow of ultimate peace also lies ahead, and we should not be too downhearted.