Charles Gardner


Israelis – Daily Victims of Terror

Next month will mark the tenth anniversary of the eviction from the Gaza Strip of over 8,000 Jews carried out under pressure from American and other politicians in a so-called ‘Land for Peace’ deal. Israel has paid a terrible price from this evacuation, however God is still watching over his own special piece of land, and the people he has chosen to inherit it,

‘There Are Christians Praying for Israel Inside Iran’

Testimonies of former Muslims from Iran who converted to Christianity, given at the UK at the Crossroads event hosted by the Church’s Ministry among Jewish people (CMJ), a 200-year-old Anglican society. One delegate said: "I may be from Iran, but I love Israel, and there are Christians praying for Israel inside Iran.”

Demonstration of True Reconciliation Between Jews, Arabs, Turks

The Middle East peace process has taken a new turn with the hosting in Manchester, England, of a conference aimed at building bridges between Arabs and Jews who have become followers of Jesus. . .

Persecutors of Jews Queue Up to Say Sorry!

Centuries after expelling and otherwise mistreating Jews, European nations are lining up to make amends, writes Charles Gardner, author of "Peace in Jerusalem."