Chava Stein


[Israel Politcs 101] Who is Yair Lapid and his party called Yesh Atid

Chava writes, "Lapid is still convinced that he is the man to unseat Netanyahu, and part of the reason is his belief that he has clearly understood the many frustrations of the country’s 70% secular Israelis..."

[Israel Politics 101] Who is Benny Gantz and his new Israel Resilience Party

Dubbed as “an officer and a gentleman,” (JPost, 2/1/19) former IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz has given centrist favorite Yair Lapid a...

[Israel 101] Explaining the Israel-Syrian-Iranian connection

Chava writes, "In order to understand the Israel-Syrian-Iranian connection, one has to explore the unusual and unlikely partnership between Syria and Iran and what each hopes to gain from it."

[Israeli Politics 101] Understanding Israel’s outpost and settlement phenomenon

Chava writes, "In order to understand what an “outpost” is, it’s helpful to have some geographical background concerning settlement communities which are located in Judea and Samaria..."

[Israeli Politics 101] Making sense of the four legal cases against PM Benjamin...

Chava writes, "How did one of Israel’s most successful and long-time prime ministers end up facing the imminent possibility of being criminally indicted for corruption including bribery and fraud charges?"

[Israeli Politics 101] Who’s Running and What it Means for Israeli Messianic Believers

Not that long ago, there were two main political parties in Israel – Likud (“Consolidation”) and (“Avoda” )Labor.  Likud was the more conservative and...

Disenfranchized by Believers

It’s been said that if you have been a believer for more than ten years, it’s more than likely that you have suffered hurt...

SURVEY: Believers share their thoughts on home groups and congregations

In trying to determine new congregational trends and how believers feel about having their needs met in a congregation/home group, KNI recently conducted a brief survey asking mostly Jewish believers in Israel (and a few others) their opinion about the following questions...

An Open Letter to the Ministry of Interior

It seems to be time to seriously consider engaging in some much-needed damage control. As the sole arbiters of matters concerning life, death, birth,...

Israeli journalist impressed by Messianic Jews

Chava writes, "Haven’t 2,000 years of persecution taught us anything? It is the whole reason that the State of Israel was created. It’s high time to welcome all Jews of every stripe to this wonderful, democratic and free country."