Cookie Schwaeber-Issan

Cookie Schwaeber-Issan
Cookie is the Managing Director and Donor Support Coordinator, Makor HaTikvah Messianic Day School Cookie is the Managing Director and Donor Support Coordinator, Makor HaTikvah Messianic Day School

Why American Jews are tuning out on their faith

Cookie writes, "A recent Jerusalem Post article entitled, “The Faith Crisis of American Jewry” (9/12/18) caught my eye, citing the devastating rate of intermarriage, lack of synagogue attendance and even a considerable amount of those who have no belief in God."

Response to Netanyahu’s statement about absurd criticism of Nation-State Law

Cookie writes, "The Prime Minister says that the left’s criticism of Nation-State Law is absurd but what is absurd is that he apparently has not been paying close attention to the “left” globally."

A Father’s Role – Chapter One

Cookie writes, "It’s, therefore, no wonder that children are being raised without the needed instruction or moral clarity of their fathers. The effects of this lopsided and non-existent parenting is being profoundly felt..."

What does it mean to me that Israel exists for 70 years already

Cookie writes, "Modern day Israel is one of the great miracles of our time. It is the culmination of centuries of longing in the heart of the Jewish soul and also proof of the prophetic promise that God would return His people to their land from the four corners of the earth."

Getting children into a healthy sleep routine

Cookie writes, "As educators, we often hear complaints both by parents and children that their children are not getting enough sleep at night. Either they go to bed too late or are unable to fall asleep. This often results in children arriving school feeling tired, sometimes sick and also with diminished energy which impacts their academic performance."

No anger spoken here

Cookie writes, "Bad habits seem to pass from generation to generation, and lack of patience and a calm spirit is right up there on the top of the list. How do we as parents and educators correct our children?"

He Created them Male and Female

Cookie writes, "In today’s world, we are suddenly being faced with the issue of “transgender” identity – girls trapped in a boy’s body and vice-versa. Yet, in order to believe whether or not this is a legitimate and real issue, we must first understand the spiritual connotations to this new dilemma."

Former Messianic Day School Student Stabbed by Terrorist

It was 7:00 a.m. on Sunday, December 27th when the radio news report announced that an Israeli soldier had been involved in a terrorist stabbing at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. Who would’ve ever thought that it was Seth, a former Makor HaTikvah student?