Dan and Dalia Alon


“Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart…” (Deut. 10:16)

Dan and Dalia write, "When we became believers in the year of 1991, one of the amazing things that happened to us was that God has given us love for non-Jewish people. This was an amazing revelation to our heart."

Fear of God and spiritual warfare

Dan and Dalia write, "The enemy of our souls is looking for every way to make us fail, to take us away from God, to take us back to our past or he uses believers to hurt one another and to destroy our unity."

New heavens and new earth

Dan and Dalia write, "As believers, already in this life on earth, we can feel His presence, to be filled with His peace and joy, to enjoy His love and care for us. But we must live according to His will, walk in the light..."

Love of God – Sacrifice – Healing

Dan and Dalia write, "The harm and the pain, which cause lack of forgiveness and bitterness, "color" the love of God in them and prevent them from expressing the love that was poured into their hearts. Yet there is hope!"

Fear of God – and the Godly order in the family

Dan and Dalia write, "The lack of fear of God may also keep us away from God. Yet the New Covenant, which has been carved on our heart, gives us guidance, wisdom and hope!"

Faith and God of the impossible

Dan and Dalia write, "All of us know that the power that raised Yeshua from the dead is the strongest power in the world, and He is the one who can work in us and through us even today!"

Fear of God and Spiritual Revival

Dan and Dalia write, "The conditions for spiritual revival are: surrender to God and repentance. Those two conditions bring unity in the Body of Messiah and then comes the blessing from God."

Fear of God, Faith and Deeds

Dan and Dalia write, "All of us want to serve God, to satisfy His will, to find favor in His eyes, to please Him, and to influence our environs… what does He want of us?"

Fear of God and Spiritual Warfare

Dan and Dalia write, "The moment we came to faith in Yeshua and were born again we entered into spiritual warfare with Satan. The enemy of our soul is looking for every possibility to cause us to fail, to take us away from God..."

Happy Menorah Feast: Thoughts and Explanations

Recently, Hanukkah was celebrated in Israel and around the world. As Jews and Israelis who celebrated this feast many years, and as believers in Yeshua, we would like to express a few of our thoughts concerning this feast.