David S.

David is on the Editorial Staff for the Tents of Mercy Network. David is on the Editorial Staff for the Tents of Mercy Network.

To fill the hole inside of us

David writes, "Please pray with us that the people of Israel not become “fat and lazy” or “comfortable in Zion,” but rather be continuously provoked to walk into their prophetic calling."

Discipleship Mentoring Project

"The Olive Tree Ranch, under the supervision of Tents of Mercy, has been conducting discipleship mentoring projects for the last seven years. This initiative is geared especially to serve IDF soldiers who have recently completed their mandatory service."

Glory, mercy and the womb

David writes, "This is central to God's identity. God is characterized by the same loving compassion that nurtures the tiny, invisible, developing baby, though the baby has no achievements, no good deeds in its present state, no earned honor."

The practice of honor

David writes, "We learn how to honor God by practicing on our fellow (imperfect) humans. The act of honoring is very important."

The pot and the kettle

David writes, "To our great sorrow both Israel and the Christian Church and have been a very “mixed bag,” reflecting El-ohim and Christ rather intermittently and dimly throughout the centuries."

Digging Together

David writes: "We just completed a session of the Discipleship and Agriculture program. Three young Israeli men in their 20's participated... We interacted with the prophesied promises of the New Covenant: Not only collectively, but also individually, each of us has the full potential to know the Lord, and be taught by the Spirit."

A Biotech Generation

We live in a time when open thinkers should be able to logically comprehend the existence of the "Intelligent Designer" by looking at the world around us.

Nesting Instinct

In the third verse of the Bible, "... the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters." The root word meaning...