Israel College of the Bible Staff


Geography of the Bible Tour, October 2017

Travel 9 Days from “Dan to Beersheva” and become acquainted with the lay of the land while visiting major biblical sites. Touring days will be supplemented by evening lectures and readings to help prepare and orientate you for the day ahead.

VIDEO: Jews and Arabs worshipping in Hebrew and Arabic

Guns? Knifes? While hostility between Jews and Arabs is exploding in Israel, there is one place where you may find Jews and Arabs who come together in the name of Jesus to worship God together! This is what peace sounds like!! (Hebrew first 45 seconds, then Arabic).

VIDEO: Why is truth a lonely business?

Mishpatim (Exodus 21-24) -- Five Alive offers a textual sensitive Messiah-centered reflection on the weekly Torah from an Israeli Messianic perspective.