Joseph Shulam

Joseph Shulam

VIDEO: Three-part teaching series on Passover

In this three-part series Joseph gives an introduction to Passover, talks about the Passover Seder and then Passover in the New Testament.

Commentary on Parashat Ki Teze

Joseph writes, "The Torah comes to instruct us that we must not treat our children by our own measure of judgement of like and dislike, but according to the law of God and honor the first-born child above our own personal likes."

Commentary on Parashat Ekev

Joseph writes, "The Hebrews have concentrated on the WORDS, on the audio much more than on the video. Hearing is the center paradigm of the Hebrew culture. Hearing is a big word in Hebrew."

Commentary on Parashat Va’Ethanan

Joseph writes, "Here are the ingredients for loving God with all our soul and with all our heart and with all our emotions and intellect..."

Parashat Pinchas

Joseph writes, "I shall focus on the aspect which has received less attention: comparing Torah laws on the right of daughters to inherit with the practice of the ancient nations around us."

Parashat Balak

Joseph writes, "There are many more important lessons that can be learned from this Parasha of Balak, but I chose to share this one because the heresy that beset the seven churches of Revelation is not some virus that with time will disappear, it is an endemic problem that Balaam is the prime example of it."

Lessons from Parashat Korah

Joseph writes, "What can we as leaders learn from this sad occasion in the history of our people in a period when the Lord’s presence was visible by day and by night, in a period that all of Israel enjoyed the daily miracle of Mana, water from the rock, and divine victory over Amalek?"

Commentary from the Torah portion on leadership and transfer of authority

Joseph writes, "I wrote the above paragraph because it also has to do with the Parasha, [which] deals with leadership and transfer of authority and sharing authority."

Comment on Parashat Beha’alotcha

Joseph writes, "The greatness of Moses’ leadership was not only in the genius of Moses but also in his ability and willingness to do what God has commanded him and infect the people of Israel in the wilderness to do that which Moses has commanded them."

God hears the prayers of the righteous

Joseph writes, "Don’t limit yourself in prayer even if you are a sinner and don’t take your privilege to talk to the Father in your favor and in favor of others, some of whom you don’t even know in person."