Karen Faulkner

Karen Faulkner
Karen Faulkner is a British Israeli citizen. She has a Master's degree in Human Rights & Transitional Justice from Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Karen Faulkner is a British Israeli citizen. She has a Master's degree in Human Rights & Transitional Justice from Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Ethiopian congregation reaches out to its community

The freshly renovated ministry center of the Amud HaEsh, an Ethiopian Jewish congregation in downtown Jerusalem, has a simple and practical, warm and welcoming feel to it.

Contrary to reports, Nazareth Christmas festivities continue

Christmas Festivities are set to continue in Nazareth, despite media reports that the city’s Arab Muslim mayor had canceled all celebrations in protest at U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Nearly 2 million Israelis live in poverty

According to a new report issued by the National Health Institute (NHI), more than 1.8 million people were living below the poverty line in Israel last year.

How believers in Israel celebrate Hanukkah

Also known as the Feast of Dedication or the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday through which believers can, and do, express their love and worship of Yeshua the Messiah even though the holiday itself is a biblical feast.

Mortar under Holy Sepulcher dates to time of Constantine 

In a recently published discovery at the Holy Sepulcher church in Jerusalem, researchers confirmed that the mortar and marble of a structure covering what is believed to be Yeshua’s burial bed dates back to 345 AD, the time of Roman Emperor Constantine.

Yuval School of Music and Arts – Teaching the heart of worship

The Yuval Messianic School of Music and Arts (YMA) in Jerusalem is a worship center where students of any age or income can learn music and art with the aim of enhancing their skills to glorify Yeshua and grow closer to him.

Israeli ministries encourage adoption, fostering among believers

Two Israeli ministries, King of Kings and HaTikva Project, have joined forces with an international organization to encourage believers to consider adopting or fostering children in need.

Celebrating 100 years since the liberation of Beersheba

The Nachalat Yeshua congregation in Beersheba is hosting an evening of praise and worship on Monday to celebrate the 100th anniversary of a battle that prepared the way for the return of the Jewish people to Israel.

Israeli universities help develop Arab startups

A leading Israeli college is helping gifted Arab engineering and medical students enter the business world with creative and innovative ideas for startups in their respective fields.

Israelis win three gold medals at International judo match

Three Judokas representing Israel each won gold medals while competing at the International Judo Federation's 2017 Grand Prix in Uzbekistan last month boosting Israel to the highest medal ranking at the tournament that took place in Tashkent between Oct. 6-8.